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Eric Trump Faces Backlash After Claiming Barack Obama ‘Never Went Back to Chicago’ as President

During a Monday evening interview on Fox News, Eric Trump claimed former President Barack Obama never returned to Chicago after being elected president in 2008 and boy did that go sideways quickly. Because Eric Trump is completely wrong, of course.

In an interview with Sean Hannity, Eric Trump launched into a five-minute harangue against Democrats, whom he claimed, did nothing to keep Black Lives Matter protesters from burning down churches, The Independent [1] reports. Then he set his sights on Obama, incorrectly claiming that the former president never returned to the city where he was once served as a senator and also claimed he never spoke out regarding the violence in Chicago.

Now right here, I’m going to say that if a person has to be wrong, that person might as well do it in a big way, and the 36-year-old Trump did just that.

“That’s the difference between me and these politicians, Sean, they’re all talk and no action,” he told Hannity. “My father is the exact opposite. My father is…you know…tremendous action. I mean Chicago, you reported on this better than anybody. Obama didn’t even go back to Chicago.”

“He was literally never there,” Trump added. “He never mentioned the violence. He never tried to help. He never offered federal assistance. He never offered to send in the feds or the military. The guy wasn’t present anymore. He literally abandoned his city.”

But Eric Trump is hugely, or as his dad would say bigly wrong here.

While Obama gave his famous victory speech in the Windy City (Chicago’s Grant Park), he also returned to the city he once called home at least 19 times. And according to a 2016 report from DNAInfo, [4] the majority of Obama’s trips were to lend support to other politicians and to use his status as president to speak out against gun violence in the city. He even ensured that Chicago was the location for the 2015 International Association of Police Chiefs [5] meeting.

Independent writer Greg Evans [6] notes:

“Clearly Trump missed this or was just angry about him not using the military to suppress his own citizens.”

You know, because dear old dad has done just that, calling in the National Guard when he sees fit.

Evans notes Obama even reportedly returned [7] to Chicago in February 2017, mere days after Trump became president.

The younger Trump’s comments haven’t sat well with the Twitterati, especially since dad seems to spend more time on the golf course than in the White House, Evans added.

So now it’s time to let Twitter users chime right in:

And finally: