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Eric Trump Wants Everyone to Know That He is Not Gay or Bisexual and LGBTQ People Love Trump

As we reported two days ago, Eric Trump made an odd comment while being interviewed on Fox News. The anchor read an “anonymous” letter from a lesbian woman who talked about her belief in Donald Trump and appreciation of him. It was simply standard fandom stuff of the type anyone could find anywhere. Eric Trump went on to talk about the utterly amazing support they have from the LGTBQ community (Yeah, amazingly little, but okay) and then said, “I’m part of that community.”


“The LGBT community they are incredible and you should see how they’ve come out in full force for my father every single day. I’m part of that community and we love the man and thank you for protecting our neighborhoods and protecting our cities,”

Yes, it was a very weird statement and yes, we ran a story entitled “Did Eric Trump just come out?” but the tone was quite clear that it was just Eric being Eric and having trouble with the English language. He might have meant that he supports the LGTBQ community – as all of us certainly do – and it was more just kind of a light-hearted ridiculous way to make fun of Eric’s “weirdness” in navigating life – a way to needle him a bit because things like that tend to bother some conservatives … a lot.

But apparently, Eric thought that everyone believed that he really was “coming out” and felt the need to clear some things up.

The New York Post reports “Eric affirmed he is not ‘part of’ the LGBT community after appearing to come out in a televised interview Tuesday.”

“To clarify, many of our close friends are part of the LGBT community, which was the intent of my statement — the left has taken that vote for granted for a long time and support from the gay community for my father is incredible,”

As to me personally, as I think you know, I am a happily married man to my wife, Lara.

Eric, my man, there was never any real belief you are gay. First of all, the single last thing most of us on the left care about is who you’re attracted to so long as it involves consenting adults and doesn’t offend PETA. Your hetero credentials are clearly on display in the way you dress, speak, do your hair, shoot harmless zoo animals …

For whatever reason, gay men, (and I have dozens and dozens of gay friends), especially in Manhattan, tend to be some of the most sophisticated people on Earth, dressing impeccably, well-read, well-educated, involved in serious matters that they’ve created in their own lives and not living off the fame of their father among many other distinguishing features. And most importantly, real gay men don’t come out on Fox and Friends in an interview about their father’s lagging presidential campaign.

Don’t worry, bro. Your MAGA credentials are still fully intact. We are sure that, yes, there are gay men and women that support Trump. There are far more that do not. But we promise you that neither the ones who support Trump nor the ones that oppose him, ever believed for a second that you were actually coming out.

It was just fun mocking your clumsy use of the English language and the sudden worry among many in the MAGA community, many of whom – it’s tragic to say – might very well have had a problem with it.


Peace, y’all
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