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Former Mueller Prosecutor Strongly Suggests Trump is $421 Million in Debt to Russia

By now, most people know the name Andrew Weissmann. Not only is he a former top Mueller attorney who worked with the Special Counsel on the Russia report, but he got chosen for the Mueller team because even before that he was a super-star attorney at DOJ. In short, Weissman is one of the best prosecutors in the world.

With the New York Times story out for nearly 24 hours, everyone knows that Trump is $421 million in debt – due in five years – and long ago people had their suspicions about Russia. Now Weissmann is out saying that Trump may well be in debt solely to Russia, to the tune of $421 million.

Weissmann might be in one of the best positions to make an educated guess on this. He once served as the chief of the criminal fraud division of DOJ. He can read the tea leaves. He’s seen some of the evidence against Donald Trump, some that we haven’t seen, stuff that didn’t make it to any grand jury proceeding. And we should remember, he was not allowed to see evidence pertaining to Trump’s financial past. We have Rod Rosenstein to thank IF it turns out that our U.S. president was in hock for close to a half-billion dollars to Vlad Putin. Because Rosenstein ruled that Trump’s financial history would be out of bounds and not to be investigated.

Weissmann just weighed in on the New York Times bombshell report that finds, among other staggering facts, including tax write-offs for hair treatment, that in 2016 and 2017 President Donald Trump paid just $750 in federal taxes. If there was ever a person who could make an educated guess and likely be right …

We have sort of known and worried about it forever. But seeing it in writing somehow makes it even more chilling, does it not? If it turns out to be true, that just about the entire amount is owed to Russian oligarchs (which means Putin, since he controls the entire country), then not a single Republican Senator should escape history’s wrath, and possible jail time – depending on what they knew, when. They knew something was very very wrong. And did nothing.

So scary.


Peace, y’all
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