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Glistening Red and Rather Out-of-It Trump Gloats About Air Force One Having the Best TVs

It has become a cliche in these columns to say Trump doesn’t look good. But cliches become cliches because they often carry a lot of truth. Maybe it’s just best to say that the presidency and the worry that he’ll be exposed eventually, has taken a massive toll on Trump. That and his rumored “medication.” He doesn’t look good. Nor does he sound good – especially tonight.

Trump is in Ohio tonight and that’s somewhat telling. He is supposed to be way up in Ohio. He won Ohio by nine points in the last election. As of today, FiveThirtyEight.com has Trump up 1.5 points. It is good to see that Trump feels the need to campaign in Ohio. What’s next, Texas?

Evidently Trump believes that Ohio voters want to keep Trump flying around in Air Force One. Maybe they fear that there won’t be enough televisions and nice bathrooms in Trump’s own personal 757 (Trump 757 owner, the candidate that understands the regular guy, unlike Joe). Trump touched upon this key niche issue tonight in his Ohio stump speech:

As you can see, Trump doesn’t have the energy he once did. Perhaps his heart just isn’t into appealing to these “disgusting people” anymore (his words).

As someone said on Twitter: “He is sing-songing about TVs and toilets and the crowd goes nuts like he just declared world peace.” Trump could declare world peace and it wouldn’t even make headlines, no one would believe him.

Trump then enjoyed some “Fill That Seat” chants before RBG is even buried. Classy.

And hey, it wouldn’t be a Trump rally without a little racism, right?

I don’t even know what to say about this, except Trump is actively endangering the lives of anyone who listens to him and believes him:

Let’s concentrate on getting Joe Biden into office. Trump actually just hurt his electoral chances by attempting to push through a rabid anti-abortion justice. He is doing it in an attempt to help the lawsuits he’ll file. But the lawsuits won’t do any good if he gets his doors blown off. He just made it more likely.


Peace, y’all
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