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GOP Trumper Ronna McDaniel Falls Flat on Her Face When Asked About US Having 25% of World COVID Deaths

The Trumper GOP – there is no difference anymore – cannot answer questions about their mishandling of COVID, nor can they defend themselves on the human tragedy and disaster that is the COVID crisis. Of course, they can’t, because there really is no cogent defense to how the Trump administration handled the virus from the beginning to now.

Thankfully, the revelations from Bob Woodward’s book showing that Trump misled the American people on COVID has brought the discussion about COVID back to the forefront where it should have been all along. It is the issue that our generation faces going forward because we’re nowhere near out of it and even when a vaccine becomes available the impact on society and economy will continue to ripple.

On Meet the Press, Chuck Todd wanted some answers from Trump apologist and GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel. He asked her how anyone is supposed to see COVID as anything but an abject failure and he did so by asking how she accounts for the fact that the U.S. has one-quarter of the world’s COVID deaths.

That is the type of answer one gives when saying anything else would be much worse. They must be counting upon their supporters to not apply any logic to such a question. This wealthy country does far more pregnancy tests than a nation like India or Bolivia, and yet that doesn’t impact our pregnancy rate in the least. But the Trumpers simply don’t have a better answer and they know it. So they’re willing to humiliate themselves repeatedly and they’ll do it all because acknowledging some failures and trying to convince people they’ve learned from them are not an option under Trump.

In Trump’s world, nothing has ever failed, even his bankruptcies are someone else’s fault. We have 25% of the world’s deaths and yet according to the GOP-Trumper point of view, we’re still fantastic. We are doing great because Trump engineered such a fantastic testing program. It never fails, it is always the same pattern and we just have to hope that enough Americans see this for what it is. It is desperation.


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