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HHS Spokesperson Michael Caputo’s Video is Worse That We Thought (UPDATE: He’s Taking Leave of Absence)

UPDATED: We wrote out the story regarding Michael Caputo before his leave of absence was reported. We will leave the report as written because it took three days to get Caputo’s leave of absence done, which seems inexplicable. But it has now been reported:

Our original report with the video:

Michael Caputo is the highly political Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson who was loyal enough to be installed once it became clear that HHS – which is over the CDC – would be at the epicenter of communications during COVID. Caputo is as loyal as they come, a Trumper to the core. He is a good friend of Roger Stone and (Surprise!) a man who used to work for a Russian state-owned energy company in their American public relations. There are rumors – only that – that he’s still on the Russian payroll. Recent reports also exposed Caputo’s efforts to tweak CDC scientific-clinical reports coming out of Atlanta to be more cohesive with Trump’s overall message.

Caputo is not mentally well. We don’t mock mental illness, ever, and so we’re not posting this as some kind of exercise in voyeurism or as a joke. We are posting this to emphasize that the man is still working for HHS today when he should either be given medical leave or be asked to step down, one or the other. We are using his own admission from over the weekend. He said he wasn’t doing well mentally. He should be taken at his words.

Below is a portion of the original video that Caputo posted to Facebook. He asserts that there is a group of scientists within the CDC that don’t want things to get better under Trump, and will hold out until Biden is president. He then says that the group will have to kill him and “unfortunately” that’s where he “sees this going.” He says that he doesn’t care because he has the president’s total support. It is worse than you think.

In other portions of his video, portions not shown in the clip above, Caputo was reported to have talked about not doing well in Washington DC where the shadows on the walls grow so long, and other bizarre stuff.

The point is that this man was working, up to today, at Health and Human Services as a critical spokesperson – despite his admission that he’s not well, and despite his conspiracy theory about scientists wanting Americans to die.

It is further proof that the ONE and only way to be removed by this president is to show “disloyalty” to HIM personally and we’re seeing it play out to a frightening degree. Lt. Col. Vindman got fired by the White House and is not working for his country today, Caputo is still at work (now taking leave). That’s how a country gets to be where we are today.

This is a huge problem.


Peace, y’all
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