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Ivana Trump Implies She Would Be a Better First Lady than Melania, ‘She Only Does Stuff When She Has To!’

The actual “first lady” in Trump’s life, Ivana Trump, made an appearance in the news lately. She certainly appears to want to reclaim her Trump bonafides. According to Yahoo News [1], Ivana gets Secret Sevice protection whenever she wants it (why?), and can have Donald on the phone in a minute. Still, Ivana decides how much she’s involved in the Trump orbit and enjoys the benefit of not having to involve herself in the day to day battles.

The mother of the “Children of the Corn” (internet reference), Ivanka, Don Jr., and Eric – the three involved in business dealings, says that she believes Donald has done a great job as president. She believes she, too, would have done a great job as First Lady. But then she laid down the hammer. After puffing her own chest about her own abilities Ivana laid a big flat egg when it came to evaluating Melania as third Trump lady and U.S. First Lady: “No comment.

Ivana may have a strange idea as to what no comment means because she goes on to say:

“I speak directly to Mr. President. I don’t get involved with his ex-wives or his private life,” she told the hosts.

Whoa, his “ex-wives?” Maybe in Trump world, there’s no “wife” period on the timeline. Women can be “future wives” or “ex-wives” without a transition period as “wife.” Certainly, Trump treated his new blushing bride Melania like an ex-wife when he begged Stormy for a spanking.

Ivana retains her Trump-ability to toot her own horn while not necessarily saying much:

“I really don’t like the politics that much,” Ivana clarifies. “I would do a great job in the White House but I really — it isn’t in my inspiration.”

That’s okay, Ivana. It sure doesn’t appear to be Melania’s “inspiration,” either. Melania seems inspired by one thing alone and politics is nothing more than a means to the end goal.

Ivana praised Trump again by saying she thinks he’s doing a great job (Does she get a cut based on percentages?). Not so much for Melania: “I am not sure,” Ivana demurs. “She’s very quiet and she really doesn’t go to too many places. She goes to stuff when she has to go…she’s quiet.”

Right. We think that Ivana has the right read on this. “Quiet.”


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