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Ivana Trump Proves She’s Just as Rotten as Her Ex-Husband After Her Disturbing Comments About Immigrants

Donald Trump’s first ex-wife Ivana Trump has climbed out of the depths to show everyone that’s she’s every bit as anti-immigrant as he is. And that’s even though she’s foreign-born, as is Trump’s current wife, Melania, who’s also (surprise, surprise) equally racist.

Not only that, but the Czechoslovakian-born Ivana is also now being branded a “bigoted embarrassment” after appearing on the morning show Loose Women, where she ranted about U.S. immigrants “not dressing Americanly” in the U.S., MailOnline reports. She also criticized some for “not having a job, stealing, and raping American women.”

She also said she’s “very proud” of her ex-husband, because of “all he has achieved with immigration,” and insisted that people migrating to the U.S. should “enter legally.”

Ivana is a legal immigrant, having moved to Canada in September 1973. She met Trump at a modeling job in New York City (of course) in 1976 and they married in 1977. Each of the couple’s three children — Donald Jr., Eric, and Ivanka, were born in the U.S., as was Tiffany, whose mother Marla Maples, is Trump’s second ex-wife.

Clearly this is a woman who has led a life of privilege and she’s tone-deaf to immigrants who are poor, and on the program, she displayed that fully, by claiming she “has no problem with immigrants” who come to the U.S. legally, pay their taxes, and “be a part of society.” But she also suggested immigrants traveling to America will somehow become engaged in illegal activity.

At one point she was asked if he was proud of President Donald Trump, and she responded that she was “very proud, he was my husband of 15 years, I wish him all the best.”

“I see he can do a great job, he is pro everything which I believe in,” she said. “He is Republican and so am I. He has achieved so much — especially with immigration.”

“I am an immigrant, and I have no problem with the immigrants, but they must come into the country legally and get a job and pay taxes like the rest of the Americans and just live and be part of society.”

Obviously her view is skewed towards people who have the money to come to the U.S. and do this, but there are scores of immigrants who are fleeing horrific conditions in their own countries. Some countries in Central America have death squads and people are trying to escape real tragedies. Honduras is one such example, where the U.S. has funded these death squads. It’s a little difficult to worry about entering the “country legally” when thousands of your countrymen are being killed each year, as is the case in Honduras.

But these tales of daily horror are not part of this woman’s world.

“There are some people who don’t even dress Americanly, they dress whatever they dress in and they don’t get a job and they steal and they rape the women and that is not the idea.”

Social media users were understandably outraged by her snobby, racist comments and were quick to upbraid her, and this is why at least some Twitter users are the best part of Twitter.


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