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LISTEN: Trump Told Bob Woodward in March That He Was Deliberately Downplaying ‘Deadly’ Coronavirus

New and breaking news coming that might rock the campaign. Trump lied about what he knew about COVID and those lies are on tape, including what Trump knew as far back as February 7th of this year. He knew it was airborne, deadly, Trump even said “5% deadly stuff.”

Just this morning an old Trump tweet was going around that reminded us of life in early March of this year, back when Trump was still busy convincing the MAGAs that COVID is nothing, it wasn’t even as bad as the flu, and we don’t shut the country down over the flu. If you need help in recalling those last vestiges of society pre-COVID quarantine, here you go:

It is timely to see because CNN has excerpts of Bob Woodward’s book and the tapes we noted above, that will be out next week and those excerpts show that that as far back as the beginning of February, Trump knew exactly what COVID could and would do if it got loose in the United States, and how deadly it was and remains.

According to Woodward, instead of getting serious and prepared, Trump handled the matter just like a teenager would. Trump lied about the severity of the problem and hoped it would go away, all so as to not “panic” people about it. This is classic adolescent behavior and Woodward has captured its essence in Trump.

CNN says that on February 7th of this year, Trump told Woodward that the disease is five times more deadly than the seasonal flu. Trump also knew that it was easily spread around, saying “It goes through air, Bob,” he said. “It’s also more deadly than your, you know, your strenuous flus.”

A full month later, or about the same time as the tweet above, according to Woodward, Trump admitted that he was withholding the truth about it, according to Rawstory:

“It’s not just old people, some startling facts came out, plenty of young people.”

“I wanted to always play it down,” Trump admitted to Woodward more than one month later. “I still like playing it down, because I don’t want to create a panic.”

So Trump is essentially admitting that his tweet – composed right around that time period – was him “playing it down.”

Apparently it never occurred to Trump to create a slight panic well ahead of time to get the country fully prepared so that when it did hit, it turns out less deadly to society overall. South Korea’s reaction “looked” like a panic in real-time, and we now see that it was more than appropriate. This would be how mature leaders handle the crisis.

Second of all, Trump wasn’t trying to avoid a “panic” so much as to preserve as much of the economy as possible.

Trump is going to get raked over by the non-cult for this admission. The rest of the race should be about COVID as numbers start to rise dramatically again once schools open and transmission rates go through the roof (this is a prediction).

Awful. He knew all along and simply lied.



Peace, y’all
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