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Lying Lindsey Graham Goes to the Gutter, Tells Democrats: ‘You Reap What You Sow!’

First of all, Lindsey Graham needs to STFU about everything and anything. He has already signaled – and will go through with it – that he has no problem at all going right back on his “word” regarding nominating and approving a SCOTUS candidate, not just in Trump’s final year, but in Trump final two months. Indeed, unless they damn well get a move on and get this nominee nominated, the nominee will come out in Trump last 30 days prior to the election.

Remember, this is the guy who famously said they would not do this and he said it knowing he would be chair of the judiciary committee: (Join us down below for Lindsey’s galling statement today)

Yeah, anyone who is going back on his word on that probably best just STFU and do it, knowing that his name will live in infamy, but he’ll console himself having gotten Trump’s justice through to the court without having had his “kompromat” come out. (We are presuming there is something BIG being held over Lindsey Graham, far more than just normal “lifestyle” stuff).

But, no.

Lindsey Graham is in the race of his life against a good man, Jaime Harrison. Harrison was raised in a mobile home by a single mom and worked his way into Yale University (unlike the Kushner scholarship to Harvard) and then Georgetown Law. Jaime came back to SC to make sure kids like him could go to college.

So Lindsey Graham has problems because he’s supposed to be fifteen points up on Jaime Harrison in a state like South Carolina. But they’re tied and that’s just one indication as to how people are getting sick of Graham. You would think that Graham would keep a bit of a low profile while he went about making sure that his kompromat remains only “potentially compromising.”

Nope. Lindsey’s going to even throw some attitude around about it, as if he’s the righteous one in this fight. Fcker:

First of all, Democrats didn’t “change the rules” as pertaining to Supreme Court justices. McConnell did that. Second, Democrats whatever they did long before Lindsey made his “promise.” Third, far from having his “life destroyed,” Brett Kavanaugh got his credit cards paid off and sits on the SCOTUS today – tell us how Kavanaugh’s life is “destroyed?” Is Lindsey saying that Kav’s life is destroyed because people believe Dr. Blassey-Ford? Because if that’s Lindsey’s point, then what he’s really saying is that white men should have the privilege of raping women and not have it “destroy” their reputations.

“You reap what you sow.” That sounds like what rapey drunk Kav said.

Just keep that in mind, Lindsey, keep that in mind. You DO reap what you sow, you lying …

People are more than just a little pissed at Graham:


Peace, y’all
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