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Michael Cohen Says Trump ‘Truly Despises Black Women’: ‘Trump is a Racist, but Hates Women of Color Most of All’

Michael Cohen went on Reverend Al Sharpton’s MSNBC show this weekend to talk Donald Trump and race relations. To say that Trump is racist nowadays is akin to saying snakes are creepy, or that Trump is a snake. But, according to Cohen, Trump’s regular racism gives way to an even hotter hatred when it comes to women of color.

Cohen said of Trump [1]:

The fact is, as much as he has a disdain for Black people, he truly despises Black women because he doesn’t know how to handle them. He doesn’t know what to do.”

Yeah, that checks out and we’ll get into that in a bit.

Cohen and Sharpton also discussed Trump’s latest campaign swing through Minnesota. As if Trump needed to make it worse, he’s spent an inordinate amount of time campaigning in a state that is nearly 100% white, at least those parts outside of the Minneapolis-St. Paul metro area. Trump just happens to be campaigning exclusively outside the Twin Cities. At one of Trump’s almost universally white rallies, Trump praised the crowd as having “good genes,” according to Rawstory. [1]

One could go to thousands of political rallies and hear every kind of effusive praise and sucking up, yet never hear the candidate congratulate supporters for having the “good genes” to show up at the rally. It would be a highly odd and suspicious thing to hear anywhere, never mind hearing it in a lily-white area of Minnesota. It makes it worse knowing that the candidate was said to have a book of Hitler’s speeches at his bedside when married to Ivana back in the day when he dared to only dream of being the next great fascist.

Not that any of this is really breaking news. Trump has practically run on racism as a platform and anyone who has ever watched a Trump presser knows that Trump treats women reporters even worse than the men. He really hates Yamiche Alcindor and Weijia Jiang, two of America’s most elite journalists and members of the White House press corps, and who also happen to be women of color. It is so obvious that if one polled the White House press corps and asked which two reporters received the greatest amount of Trump rage, Yamiche and Weijia would likely win by a mile.

Anyway, it doesn’t mean that Cohen’s revelation is meaningless, nor does it mean that he should stop sharing these details. Indeed, we need more. Details like these tell us more about the man. It is just, yes – we knew.



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