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Michael Cohen’s Daughter Talks About ‘Creepy’ Trump Ogling Her at 15, and It’s Really, Really Disturbing

Oh my. Trump knows no bounds, even among his so-called “friends.”

Michael Cohen’s daughter Samantha Cohen went on CNN this morning to talk to Alisyn Camerota about an except in a new Vanity Fair article which describes an incident that occurred when Samantha was fifteen years old. Trump whistled at the very young teen and called her a “piece of ass” in front of her and her father. Those of us with daughters know that it was at that point that Michael Cohen was obligated to beat the ever-living fffff … out of Trump. But for reasons passing understanding, that somehow escaped notice. Trump continues his creepy march through this earth.

It was traumatic enough – obviously – that Samantha remembered the incident well and described it to Camerota:

“What stood out to me in that moment was he said to my dad, ‘Well, there’s no way that she got her looks from you, thank God you married a beautiful woman. “And I was desensitized to men making creepy comments about me, but I was not desensitized to someone blatantly insulting and degrading my father in front of me.” 


It sounds like both Samantha and Michael probably felt a white-hot urge to simply take it outside with Trump.

More, updated:

We will note out of fairness that Cohen didn’t believe that Trump was making advances on her at the time, but more like he was interested in younger women (she was not a “woman”) and that they’d “age-out” for him, he’d use that woman, and then he’d trade-in for a younger model. It sounds like he was almost marking his spot, like a dog.

It is probably best to let Samantha the woman speak for herself and dodge out of here before the dads to great daughters among us – ahem – burst a blood vessel. We have a tough time conjuring a more disgusting and degrading name for a woman than a “piece of ass.” So it fits that Trump can be counted upon to use that term almost exclusively. How someone could call a girl, a girl!, a “piece of ass” is sick, twisted, sadistic … we’re going to burst a blood vessel.

She is wonderful. Glad that she turned out to be a confident and intelligent young woman.


Peace, y’all
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