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Michele Bachmann Says Biden Will Turn the Country Communist After He Destroys the Economy

Right-Wing former Rep. Michele Bachmann, who once declared Donald Trump “the most biblical president ever,” popped up on televangelist Kenneth Copeland’s “The Victory Channel” last week. She used the opportunity to fear-monger that Black Lives Matter members and anti-fascist protesters are trying to destabilize the U.S. to make it easier for Joe Biden to win the presidential election. She claimed they have a shared goal to collapse the U.S. economy and impose a one-world communist government in the U.S.

“Antifa is, if you go to their website, their materials (cans of soup maybe?), they are directly traceable to the Communist Party because their goal is the overthrow of the United States government and to bring communism into America,” Bachmann said, according to Right Wing Watch. “Just like Black Lives Matter, this is not a new movement, either. On their website, these are transgender Marxist, transgender Black Marxists who are seeking the overthrow the United States and the dissolution of the traditional family.”

Bachmann never mentions which websites these are, and I’m guessing that’s because they exist only in her own head. But she doesn’t limit her bizarre thoughts to just communism alone. In late June she claimed God imposed the coronavirus pandemic and racial unrest in the U.S. because he was angry at the Trump administration for introducing a Middle East peace plan. She’s an unabashed Trump supporter but she veered off the path on this one.

But on Copeland’s show, she tried to give people a history lesson and continued her hand-wringing. If this were football she’d be that quarterback who scores a touchdown. For the wrong team.

“What people need to understand is that 103 years ago, there were no communist countries in this world,” she said. “But this same idea where you have a pretext, you create something — like right now the pretext in America is race wars, that we’re seeing race wars on America’s streets — what this is is a cover to bring about communism and a communist takeover. It happened in communist China. It happened in Venezuela (um nope, it’s socialist), many countries. What people need to understand, the viewers is that we currently right now are in a situation where communists are trying to come in and take over America.”

It’s anyone’s guess as to why she thinks Biden is going to bring communism to the U.S. Politically, he’s not leftist. He’s more of a centrist if anything. Logic, however, isn’t one of Bachmann’s strong points and she continues her disjointed rhetoric.

“You say, ‘aren’t you a little overheated? Isn’t this melodramatic?” Bachman asks. “This is exactly what a communist revolution looks like. They think they’re going to do it by electing Joe Biden and then once Joe Biden is elected, they think that these Davos, Switzerland, meetings that go on, they think that what they’re going to do is have the United States’ economy collapse, move to a digital currency globally, and then we move into a global-type government. I mean it’s bizarre, but this is their goal.”

“For people who know their Bible, this is exactly what the prophets told us,” she said. “So we stand on the word of God, the Bible, and we say ‘Satan, flee, we’re going to stand on the truth of God.’ And so that’s why now, more than ever, between now and the election, what we need to do is pray and cry out to Almighty God and ask for his protection over America and to speak in this election.”

Of course, what would never, ever occur to Bachmann is that her “Godly” president is throwing gasoline on race-related protests here. Nor would she ever realize that capitalism, the current economic system in the U.S. chronically and disproportionately underserves poor people. Especially poor people of color. If people are protesting it’s because they are fed up with a system that grinds them under its heel.

In a weird, batshit-sort-of way, Bachmann may be right: Revolution may well be on the way, but as typical for her, she fails to mention any of the above. Because capitalism is the only God Trump serves. And she worships Trump.

Here’s a clip of Bachmann’s interview below.

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