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Nation Mocks Trump’s Pathetic, Baffling, Head-Slapping Comments on Mask-Wearing, ‘Waiters Think They Are Not Good!’

There has already been a lot of reporting upon the giant orange implosion that occurred last night light on national television. Trump has lost whatever edge he once had. His old hits just don’t sound fresh anymore, he doesn’t have any new material and he’s too lazy to really jam on the old stuff. Additionally, Trump got a little too comfy being interviewed by the likes of Fox and Friends, Igraham, Hannity, and Pirro, he wasn’t the least bit ready to be questioned by the American people and fact-checked by George Stephanopoulos.

Trump thanked people for the “great reviews” he got last night but the performance has largely been panned, with even Fox claiming it was an “ambush,” which says a lot about how it went.

It is ironic that Trump got a piercing question on masks at the Town Hall, when just today Trump’s own CDC director testified that masks likely provide even more protection than a first-release vaccine. (As opposed to vaccines that get refined over years).  Last night, a woman asked Trump why he won’t get behind a mask mandate and why he doesn’t wear them more often.

Trump said he does wear them “when I have to” and listed hospitals as one example. Then Trump delivered the answer that is still getting mocked mercilessly. Trump said that Biden and the Democrats promised a “Mask-mandate” at the DNC convention and still haven’t done it.

We can only chalk this up to Trump’s brain being fried. Or, perhaps Trump is counting upon his supporters not really understanding the difference between being in office or out of office, maybe Trump doesn’t understand the difference.

Trump went on to say that “a lot of people” don’t believe that masks are good and when Stephanopoulos asked “Who?” Trump said, “Waiters” and then went on to describe something insane about waiters touching their masks and food. So it is CDC Director advice versus waiter advice in the age of Trump.


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