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New Picture of Trump Shows Possible Bruise Above His Eye and People are Speculating About His Health

We report this every time and yet it is only fair – and we are fair, whether those on the Right believe in fairness or not – and we earn our readers’ trust. We report upon symptoms or quirks noticed by the American people in Trump’s look, gait, speech, whatever it might be. We make no conclusions at all. We do report on what others say might be a logical conclusion without weighing in on whether they are credible.

Additionally, with all the photoshopped artists these days it is near impossible to confirm that every picture is real. Other than pics put out by the NYT, etc. (which could still be photoshopped by others after the fact) one can never totally rule out the possibility.

We do not publish anything we find too suspicious. That having been said:

In the last two days, both at his press conference and in tonight’s speech, Trump was back to badly slurring words. This could be caused by anything from dentures slipping, to being over-medicated, to neurological issues. We heard Trump attempt to say “Nobel Peace Prize” and we heard Nobel priest price” but others heard it differently.

A picture of Trump, taken today, does show some odd aspects of his appearance that may mean something, or may mean nothing – but the physical characteristics are there for all the world to see.

Most prominently and perhaps most worrisomely, Trump does appear to have a bruise or mark over his right eye. If it is a bruise, it is difficult to innocently get a bruise on the lower forehead. From a laymen’s point of view, the most common way to get one is to fall or be hit by someone. We don’t know how Trump got the bruise – provided it is a bruise. It looks like one, with makeup over it.

The picture also shows what is called vertical procerus, which are vertical lines starting above the nose and run up the forehead between the eyes. This can be a symptom of something more serious: Link:

The “Procerus sign” means vertical wrinkling on the forehead in atypical parkinsonism, especially progressive supranuclear palsy (PSP) [Figure 1]. This imparts a “staring,” reptile-like, or “astonished” look characterized by lid retraction and infrequent blinking.

Staring, reptile-like, “astonished” characterized by lid retraction and infrequent blinking? We don’t diagnose, we document, but it sounds quite plausible.

Speaking of “staring,” the picture also shows an empty stare. A reader also noticed a slight swelling in the right cheek. We will let you decide for yourself:

And if you watch the video, you see the mark/bruise. Meaning it’s not lighting or extra noise from the camera.

We are least convinced that the squashed neck folds mean anything beyond the fact that he continues to put on weight. In our opinion, just judging from the outside, Trump has put on significant weight over the last two years. We might also offer that the right side of his face seems a little more droopy than the left.

Does it mean anything? We don’t know.

Some thoughts from other Americans:

We see speculation below, but Noel Casler has been used as a source for People magazine and never been sued in violation of his NDA:

Below is a legitimate point, but we have a counter point:

It is true. However, some of his behaviors have gotten remarkably worse since he began in 2015. Anyone who goes back and watches interviews from 2015 hears a different man. Same horrific message but delivered by a much sharper, much healthier looking man. If he has a disease process (IF), it doesn’t mean it manifests itself so quickly that he’s incapacitated within four years. It is a barely perceptible slide over 10-12 years.

We do not know what it all means. We document, someone else comments, and someone else diagnoses.


Peace, y’all
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