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New Video Absolutely Eviscerates Lying Hypocrite Lindsey ‘Lady G’ Graham: ‘Make Lindsey Pay’

Little lying Lindsey Graham lost all claim to any respectability quite a while ago. Trump must have taken Lindsey’s balls when they went golfing and Lindsey is still following Trump like a puppy hoping to get them back. Evidently Lindsey didn’t know one of life’s hard and true rules, you never get out of debt to organized crime.

But Lindsey had one last prime opportunity to regain some credibility. The odds of a situation coming together so perfectly as to even provide Lindsey Graham one last opportunity to demonstrate some sort of humanity were astronomical. Yet they came. Lindsey had said as late as 2018 that should an opening come on the Supreme Court in Trump’s last year in office, the nomination should wait until after the election. Lindsey even went so far as to mention that he’d likely be head of the judiciary committee at the time. He promised and say “Use my words against me.”

Yesterday Lindsey said that he would provide a vote to whomever Trump nominates. Lindsey’s excuse? He said that the Democrats were just so mean to Justice Kavanaugh that they “destroyed” the man, which is a weird way to describe a man who is sitting on the Supreme Court – his dream job – and had $200K in credit card bills paid off along the way. Do we even need to note that Lindsey didn’t say “Use my words against me unless the Democrats are far too mean to a Republican nominee?”

So challenge made, challenge accepted. Lindsey Graham who is in the fight of his life – tied to Democrat Jaime Harrison in South Carolina – now has the Lincoln Project on his ass and it isn’t pretty.

“Make Lindsey Pay”

That ought to go down a little tough.

And I know money is tough for everyone. But if you have a spare $5, give it to Jamie Harrison. Skip your morning latte, make lunch instead of buying. Please.


Peace, y’all
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