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Old Trump Tweet CATCHES FIRE: Seven Months Ago, Fauci Said 100K-200K Deaths — Trump Talked Bachelor Ratings

As Donald Trump tours the country holding his new and improved super-spreader rallies, it is critical that we look back from whence we came. Trump is the ultimate conman. The conman will shift his story gradually so that he’s always on top, always the winner, the target move and moves, and on the day we pass a stationary target, 200K dead from COVID, we should look back at what Trump said and did, back then.

March 29th, 2020 is a day that should live in infamy. On that day, Trump was already beginning to congratulate himself on the fantastic job “he’d” done on COVID. Meanwhile, on that very same day, the much-maligned Dr. Fauci was trying to give America some straight answers about what they were about to face. Dr. Fauci said that America faced between 100k and 200K deaths from COVID. Trump said it would be much less.

Of course, we note that we passed the upper end of that prediction on the last day of summer with a terrifying fall ahead before we even end the calendar year, never mind the first full year of COVID, which won’t end until March of 2021. When Fauci made his prediction, he likely didn’t know that he’d have a president actively working against using the single greatest tool in our arsenal to protect from COVID. Fauci surely didn’t know that a president would dissuade people from wearing masks … or he would’ve bumped his prediction, possibly even doubled it to 3oo-400K.

Meanwhile, on that terrible March day, Trump was busy congratulating himself not only on his tremendous success battling the virus, not only already undermining Fauci, but talking about the great ratings his press conferences were getting! Apparently no one told Trump that there’s no bonus at the end of the “season” as TV president for great ratings:

Try to imagine how angry Americans were to be reminded of Trump at his worst.

Yeah. Even when Trump is right, he’s more wrong than he knew.


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