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REPORT: Ivanka Was Never Questioned by Mueller About Russia Because Mueller Feared Angering Trump

Robert Mueller was too honest and straight to investigate people who lived lives on the opposite principles. That is the summary of a smashing new Vanity Fair article [1] out today that provides a scathing review of the Mueller’s investigation, based in part on top Mueller prosecutor Andrew Weismann’s new book.

In short, the Trumps were destined to get away with everything because the Trumps would break every rule in the book without shame while laughing at the hapless Mueller, who ran an investigation befitting the British Bobbies, all manners and stringent rules. Polite, and deferential.

Additionally, Mueller seemed genuinely terrified of stoking any anger from the Right-Wing. So much so that Ivanka Trump wasn’t asked a single question, despite the fact that she attended the Trump Tower – Russian meeting, helped to cover up the meeting, and helped her father LIE about it. Had she been asked about it, she surely would’ve lied again.

According to Vanity Fair [1]:

Among the more stunning revelations is the fact that Ivanka Trump was not only spared from talking to investigators, but wasn’t even asked to do so. As the president’s daughter and senior adviser, asking her about any connections between her old man and Russia seems like a no-brainer. She’d seem of special interest to Mueller based on the fact that she learned details of Donald Trump Jr.’s infamous Trump Tower meeting in 2016, which he took expecting to be provided Kremlin-procured dirt about Hillary Clinton. As Packer notes, she spoke with participants in the meeting and later discussed how to cover it up with her father. But Mueller didn’t ask her for an interview, fearing that “hauling her in…would play badly to the already-antagonistic right-wing press…and risk enraging Trump, provoking him to shut down the Special Counsel’s Office once and for all,” according to Weissmann.

We are always very careful in criticizing Robert Mueller. After all, Mueller has 45 years experience at the very top levels of federal law enforcement, including 12 years as the head of the FBI after 9-11 and … ah … we do not. We just have law degrees and some experience.

But we cannot think of one luckier mother fff than Donald Trump, who might be the only criminal target in the history of the world who effectively ran both is own criminal investigation in the Mueller affair and ran his own impeachment trial. One doesn’t need to have attended an elite law school to know that defendants don’t get to call the shots in their prosecutions.

If we might make one comment. Mueller’s worry that pushing too hard might lead Trump to shut the investigation down is legitimate. However, turning around and running the investigation with such kid gloves that you render it ineffective anyway seems to get you to an even worse spot – one where the investigation goes through and seems to let Trump off. It would seem that the better result would be to be aggressive and if fired, come out and say; “He didn’t like being asked …” If you’re fired, you get to talk!

But we’ll say one thing in defense of Mueller. He believed he had enough in the obstruction case to get any president impeached. He just didn’t know that Barr would kneecap him. Nor did he know that the Republicans in the Senate would clear anything. So as the investigation came out, we’re relatively certain that Mueller still believed he had Trump dead to rights … and he did. Trump obstructed justice a million times over. It just didn’t matter.

But it is infuriating to hear that princess Barbanka got out of even being interviewed because she’s just so soft, sweet, and pretty, that to question her would be mean! It would enrage both daddy and the media. She is their fantasy girl-wife, the embodiment of all that’s precious in white women with sex appeal. Women like her get away with anything because men can’t control themselves. Going after her would have been like going to war. So the princess gets away with it yet again. At some point, her luck has to run out, right?

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