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REPORT: Trump’s ‘Getting Ivanka Ready to Become President’ and Melania’s Accepted That Ivanka is Trump’s #1 Girl

Stephanie Winston-Wolkoff has been a revelation.

We are under no illusions. Had Stephanie not written the definitive tell-all about Melania we would likely hold her with the same sort of contempt we hold all those in the “Ladies Who Lunch” stratosphere, the ones who consider it “charity” to go to a $1500 per plate dinner at some tony gallery while talking about “who” they are wearing.

But she has talked about Melania with a candor that is unique and needed. To the extent a real person exists inside Melania’s exoskeleton, we know her from Stephanie. In Steph’s latest interview with 60 Minutes Australia, she manages to break even more news, letting the world know that we’d be far better off were it not for the war between Ivanka and Melania behind the scenes. The way Stephanie describes it, Trump himself is bad – but life would go on. It is the dynamic between the two “wanna-be-first-wife” that is actually leading this nation to the depths of hell.

With regard to Melania, Stephanie implies that Melania has very few aspirations in this world other than being rich and famous. (No news there) Melania couldn’t care less if Donald wins this election except for the fact that it might improve her own brand. If Donald loses, she’ll be on one of the first Air France flights out of JFK to enjoy her just deserts:

If her husband loses the presidency at the November 3 election, “she’ll be in the south of France on a really big yacht with a really big brim hat doing what she’s always wanted to do: nothing”.

Sounds like our girl.

Meanwhile, back at el rancho loco, the fall out from the battle royale within the White House, that battle that we never see, is what makes our situation really bad:

“That entire new ring of power is pretty much hidden from the rest of the world. I don’t think our country would be in such peril today if Donald actually was President and he didn’t have the two of them there with him. I think it was the worst thing that could have happened for our country.”

Trump would love nothing more than for his daughter to become president, Wolkoff says. “The fact that he’s literally getting Ivanka ready to become a president and already putting that in people’s minds is just insane. And it can happen.”

Why the hell would it not happen? Once a country goes insane, there’s no law that says it must come back, and even if there was, the Trumps would ignore it like every other law. It is interesting that Stephanie says it’s the dynamic in the background that is ruinous, not so much Trump. But if one imagines the two schemers behind the scenes dividing up teams and playing them against each other, it isn’t that hard to believe.

Anyway, we have Ivanka and Jared to thank for much of our misery:

The Trump presidency has been fundamentally altered for the worse by the ambitions of Ivanka and Kushner. “Melania has been usurped by Ivanka. It’s a very fair assessment to say that Ivanka and Jared’s need to have control of the office and initiatives has won.

Jesus, these people.

Vote them out, vote them all out, please.



Peace, y’all
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