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Since FLOTUS is Back in the News, Always Remember One Thing: Melania Trump is a Racist Birther

Every now and again it’s good to remind folks that Melania Trump is every bit the racist “birther” her obnoxious husband is. Especially now that she’s popping up in the news thanks to Stephanie Winston Wolkoff’s blockbuster tell-all book, Melania and Me: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship with the First Lady.

In case anyone’s forgotten about her racism, the 2011 interview with The View’s Joy Behar serves as a reminder.

Echoing Donald Trump, she used the interview to call on then-President Barack Obama to release his birth certificate, notes Xeni Jardin, writing for BoingBoing.

“It’s not only Donald who wants to see [Obama’s birth certificate], it’s [the] American people who voted for him and who didn’t want to vote for him. They want to see that,” she told Behar.

Earlier this year, Melania made a hamfisted attempt to commemorate Juneteenth, and that rankled people, especially after she discussed her trip to Ghana, where she visited the House of Slaves, which housed millions of Africans who were later transported to the U.S. For many people this was an unpleasant reminder of her husband’s birtherism and she was notably reprimanded on Twitter.

The so-called “birtherism movement” was spawned by Trump and even though Obama’s birth certificate proves he was born in the U.S., many people still find ways to spread misinformation about this.

Race relations in the U.S. are fraught with tensions right now, especially as President Donald Trump continues to throw gasoline on the increasingly combustible situation. And after her speech during the Republican National Convention in late August, where she wore a dark green outfit that reminded some people of a Nazi uniform, some pretty notable people took to Twitter to remind people of Melania’s racism.

I’ve included the video of Joy Behar’s 2011 interview with the future First Lady in case anyone needs a further reminder of Melania’s racism, and why she really should apologize to Obama.

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