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Sweaty Trump Baselessly Accuses Biden of Using Performance Enhancing Drugs, ‘That’s What I Hear!’

As you knew that he would, Donald Trump found a way to go even lower in an interview with Jeanine Pirro that will be aired over the weekend.

Yes, Trump essentially accused Joe Biden of using drugs to appear well in his speeches and news conferences of late, saying “that’s what I hear.” That is an accusation, backed-up by Trump being the president and in a position to “hear things” that perhaps the regular citizen would not. Moreover, it appears to be a coordinated attack because Don Jr. said the exact same thing in our report earlier today.

Before we go any further we want to note that Trump’s own administration suppressed a July DHS report [1] in which it said that Russia would push propaganda memes involving Biden’s health, and now we have Trump directly accusing Biden of needing drugs to appear … to appear so effective. It appears that the drug accusation is all Trump has now given how powerful Biden has come across lately. Just like Trump won’t accept the legitimacy of the elections by saying that a loss will be “rigged,” Trump has now set-up a situation where when Biden looks great it is because of drugs.

Meanwhile, the guy making these wild accusations looks like a sweat-hog sitting outside in his suit, barely able to make the accusation. It is about as low as Trump has ever gone in a campaign, personally impugning the other candidate, first with the “dementia” and “senility” stuff and now explaining it away with a drug accusation.


And the response was about what one would expect from such a selfish, undignified, accusation. There are some that think Trump is trying to combat the video from last weekend where it appeared that something flew out of his nose or mouth:

We don’t know if Trump has been doing drugs lately but there is a lot of anecdotal evidence beginning to accumulate and the strongest of which is that he’s accusing Biden of taking drugs. Trump once said that they should both take drug tests prior to the debate, Biden should jump on it – say “a hair test.”


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