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The Trump Family Refused to Wear Masks at the Debate Despite Being Required by the Cleveland Clinic

As bizarre and weird as the entire Trump phenomenon has been and continues to be, the mask thing remains a complete enigma. There are two leading theories as to why Trump and the Trump administration hates wearing masks. One is that Trump simply hates wearing them because they smear makeup and thus the vain man worries that he’ll look even more ridiculous. The other theory is that Trump so desperately wanted some semblance of an economy back that he worried masks will do nothing but remind people that an epidemic is tearing through the nation and cause them to stay home.

Neither really makes sense but all other explanations make even less sense. Is it nothing more than the fact that conservatives and Republicans hate being told what to do, especially if it helps society generally? Is it that simple? That they resent hearing that they should help the people around them by doing something painless and easy?

It could be. It is something, that’s for sure. Because the Trump “entourage” – the family – that attended the debate last night were required to wear masks. And just like Trump refused to follow the debate rules that they had agreed to, the family refused to agree to the mask rule. They wouldn’t wear masks.

 Tyler Pager, a reporter with Bloomberg News, tweeted [1] that “according to the Cleveland Clinic, it’s a requirement that all [debate] guests wear masks” and that “a Cleveland Clinic doctor with masks … walked up to a number of unmasked members of the audience on Trump’s side of the room and asked them to put on masks. She told me they refused to take one and wear them.”

“Everyone” on former Vice President Joe Biden’s side of the room was reportedly following with the guidance.

NBC News [6] reported that a Cleveland Clinic doctor tried to approach the Trump children and other guests over their lack of masks while at the venue. Someone shook their head as the doctor got close to the family, NBC reported, and ultimately the doctor did not approach them.

“Law and Order!” means do whatever the fcking dictator says or get your head bashed in by stormtroopers. But when it comes to simple, easy, pain-free, ways to help our fellow citizens and ourselves, following the rules is optional to the entitled white crowd like the Trumps.


Peace, y’all
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