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Watch Woodward Read Trump and Kim’s Bizarre Homoerotic Letters: ‘Out of a Fantasy,’ a ‘Magical Force Between Us’

Holy mother of god, this is the president of the United States?

60 Minutes interviewed Bob Woodward and he spilled a few more details about the bizarre, homoerotic, and utterly creepy letters that Kim Jong-Un exchanged with Donald Trump. Yes, first of all, have no doubt, the letters are creepy “AF” as the kool kidz say. Moreover, they are grossly humiliating to us as a nation. But perhaps the worst part of all is that it is utterly terrifying how damned easy it is for foreign dictators to just roll “our president” with the most gawd-awful puppy-love flattery you’ve seen since this side of 7th grade. If a boy sent our 12-year-old daughter letters like this we’d worry that a proto-serial killer wanted to be asked to the Sadie Hawkins dance.

Here are the gory details, from Rawstory [1], make of them what you will:

“Our relationship is out of a fantasy,” said Kim. “There is a magical force between us. Even now I cannot forget that moment of history when I firmly held your excellency’s hand as the whole world watched.”


Where to begin? First of all, the North Koreans most certainly have a reason for doing this. Donald Trump is terribly easy to read. Trump is the president who visited China and had nothing but good things to say because “They treated me better than I’ve ever been treated” (paraphrasing). Evidently Trump believes that he so embodies the United States that how he is “treated” when visiting a foreign country means fck-all as to our foreign policy and trade agreements. Leaders of democracies worry about how the country is treated. Dictators and kings worry about how they personally get treated. It shouldn’t matter but apparently it does actually matter when this guy is president. So it looks like Kim thought “I’ll do those Chinese one better. I’ll figuratively blow the guy.” Eww, yes, true – and we apologize. But still, eww to running foreign policy like this!

According to Woodward, the CIA could never figure out who exactly wrote the letters, only that they concluded that the letters appealed to Trump’s sense of grandiosity. And that’s where it matters because in case you haven’t noticed, the North Koreans still have their nuclear program and we have a still-grandiose, but lovesick, president.




Peace, y’all
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