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Trump Caught in a Hilarious Lie: ‘I Got the Bay of Pigs Award’, and Now the Internet is Rolling in Laughter

There is no such thing as the Michigan Man of the Year. Yet that hasn’t stopped Trump from bragging about winning this non-existing award on many occasions despite being called out on the lie any number of times. But there is a lesser-known similar lie that Trump trots out from time to time. He says that he’s received the “Bay of Pigs Award” from Cuban immigrants in Florida.

No such award exists.

Unfortunately, this lie matters a bit more than it should. Trump has managed to claw his way back to a tie in the polls in critically important Florida and experts say that a lot of it is due to increasing Hispanic support, much of it from the Cuban-American community in Southeast Florida. We aren’t up to date on the issues impacting Cuban and American relations so we’re not commenting on why Cubans have been drifting more toward Trump. We do know that both campaigns are now honing in on the Cuban vote and Florida election generally. Mike Bloomberg announced that he’s going to spend $100 million in Florida in support of Biden.

This morning, Trump countered the Bloomberg move by … taking to Twitter and bragging about winning an award that simply doesn’t exist according to CNN’s fact check [1].

Right. Except no, according to CNN:

Trump got an endorsement from the Bay of Pigs Veterans Association, not an award. The endorsement [3] was unprecedented from the association, so Trump could fairly boast about it. But still, an award and an endorsement are different things. (Trump claimed in August to have received an award from the Log Cabin Republicans, which told CNN [4] it gave him an endorsement but not an award.)

An award and an endorsement are different things, but Trump loves getting awards so he made it up. It doesn’t sound as cool to say he got an endorsement, so he lies to create his own world.

People laughed their asses off:


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