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Trump Criticized for Looking Like a Miserable Old Cuss at 9/11 Event, Showing He’d Rather Be Anywhere Else

Now that Trump has accused Biden of using drugs to excel in recent speeches and appearances, the internet seems to have declared war, specifically on Twitter, to impugn Trump with every single non-newsworthy slight that it can possibly attach to him.

We know that Trump is hopelessly vain. Nothing bothers Trump like accusations that he’s weak, old, doddering, and losing his mind. Indeed, it is possible that it’s not a coincidence that the week after something white shot from Trump’s nose or mouth during a press conference, Trump goes all-in accusing Biden of using “drugs” (not medication, “drugs”). Trump spent over a week explaining his slow waltz down the ramp at West Point, he was still talking about it in Tulsa. We were famously treated to Trump’s assurances that his hand size was fine and there were no other problems “down there.” This is one vain man.

So why wouldn’t Twitter jump on any little thing they see, real or imagined? Yes, Twitter was on fire about Trump’s short fingers, his little hand, and some hand signs that might go a bit further than mocking Trump.

Having Melania’s hand next to his in comparison makes the tweet gold. Whether Trump actually has short fingers, or a fat hand, it almost doesn’t matter, it looks small in that shot and the accusation alone will drive Trump crazy because Rex has almost one million followers.

Trump doesn’t hide his body language well. It doesn’t appear to even occur to him to do so.

We have yet to see a photo in which Trump looks loose and like he’s having a good time, with one possible exception, when laughing it up in the Oval Office with his two Russian friends. Tell us how many Americans you have seen Trump smile like this for:

Seriously, that body language is sickening and many noticed:

Meanwhile, others are noting that after a long drought, Trump is using the “OK” hand sign. This is problematic because some use it as a normal “okay” thing, while others in the white power movement have adopted it – the circled thumb and three fingers up, to mean “White power.” We don’t know if they’re related in Trump.

Here is one picture:

We aren’t going to do much more on the white power angle because it cannot be confirmed, for all we know Trump uses the hand-posture out of habit or to keep his hand steady. We have noticed him doing it more. It may mean nothing. In fact none of this “means” anything, it is just the net lashing out a bit at a guy so reckless as to make such accusations and someone so vain it matters greatly to him.


Peace, y’all
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