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Trump Gloats as Nevada Rally Crowd Chants ‘Lock Him Up’ About Barack Obama, ‘Let’s See What Happens!’

We have reported on dozens, perhaps hundreds, of occasions when Trump supporters demanded that Trump lock up Hillary, Obama, Biden, Holder, Rice, and on and on. We have also reported on the many on the left who absolutely – with good reason – want Trump and his entire family in prison for their crimes.

Each time we’ve had to deal with the dynamic we’ve noted that one sure sign that your democracy is sick is when both sides want to imprison the other side and this is especially true when one side is clearly committing crimes. Dictatorships imprison – sometimes kill – the losers in elections or battles for power. It is so bad that we’ve thrown out the possibility that for the country’s long term health it might be best to just shove the Trumps out of DC and back to their miserable lives, to rebuild the country without this penal bent hanging over our politics.

As people might expect, the MAGA heads continue to ratchet up the danger. They now want Trump to “Lockup” Barack Obama and are chanting it now. This is probably their dream. What makes it different this time is that Trump’s twitter feed has been far more aggressive toward Obama (trying to get at Biden) and he’s calling the earlier investigation “Treason.” The other difference is that in hearing the crowds chant “Lock him up” Trump said, “Let’s see what happens.”

Now, people might say “Well, they never even investigated Hillary, this is all talk.” That is true, but it’s still dangerous talk. But one should also consider how much more dangerous Trump would be in a second term and appreciate that Trump lives his life in search of revenge upon anyone that ever hurt him. Obama inflicted the ultimate narcissistic injury to Trump – people laughed at Trump at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner. Trump would loveĀ to arrest Barack Obama.

Obviously, the biggest counter-consideration is that this country would burn to the ground. But imagine a scenario where Trump didn’t care – or was ordered to do it – and let it sink-in as to whether the consequences would stop Trump.

No, Trump won’t have Obama arrested prior to the election. But if Trump somehow retains office … we are in completely uncharted waters.


Peace, y’all
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