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Trump Issues Dark and Ominous Tweets After Terrifying Super Spreader Rally, ‘Far-Left Maniacs!’

As most know, Trump is on a swing through Nevada this weekend, a purple state in which Trump is anywhere from three to five points behind Joe Biden. He held a rally near Reno last night and is in Las Vegas today (Sunday) for roundtables and “live remarks” later.

It is becoming increasingly obvious that the Trump campaign is quietly phasing into regular large rallies of the type he held in 2016, COVID be damned. He held smaller affairs outside of airports during the first few rallies after Labor Day.

This weekend’s rallies are still outdoors, but they are getting increasingly large with more and more people allowed to attend, and thus obviously becoming more dangerous. We now have to wonder what will happen as the weather cools down in places like Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania, and while Trump still desperately needs his rallies. COVID doesn’t seem to factor into his plans.

Look at this:

It is hard to wrap one’s mind around the fact that Trump’s bragging about getting that many people out all yelling into the air packed in with people very close to each other. The man who said he wanted “calm” seems to really only care about keeping his own support, even in a disaster. These rallies will kill people, it’s simply a matter of numbers, and apparently it isn’t important to him.

Meanwhile, he is tweeting some very dark messages.

The man who said he wanted America to stay calm is desperately urging his supporters to see anyone who “fails” to support Trump as an enemy of all that’s good in this nation. Reading through those tweets it seems like Trump wants his supporters to war on the people who refuse to get behind him. We were told that Putin wanted to destroy the U.S. from within, and whether Trump is carrying out the plan or not, it’s hard to imagine him encouraging more hatred between Americans.

It gets even darker when one considers the fact that most police departments support him and his civilian MAGAs are armed to the teeth. This is building into a crescendo where there is no way to “win.”  It seems that war in the U.S., cold or hot, looks almost inevitable.


Peace, y’all
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