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Trump Just Lied and Said He Doesn’t Know Who the ‘Proud Boys’ Are As He Pathetically Tries to Clean Up His Mess From the Debate

Yet again, Donald Trump could not say “I condemn white supremacy.” He simply wouldn’t do it – and again today…he avoided it.

Trump engaged in some chopper talk today on his way to Minnesota and we had a rerun of some stuff in the past. Trump’s message was mostly about how Joe Biden hasn’t attacked Antifa enough but said this while telling people he had no idea who the “Proud Boys” are – this is a man who encourages reporters to “read the internet” more to find their information.

Given that the last 12 hours of media, media that you know that Trump watches with a passion, has been about the Proud Boys group, you know that it is absolute bullshit for him to say that he doesn’t know who they are. Even if he didn’t know who they were last night (impossible), wouldn’t it be criminally stupid for him to have not asked his staff last night “Who are these Proud Boy people everyone’s talking about?”

But nope. Trump “doesn’t know who they are.” Just like Trump didn’t know who David Duke was. Just like there were fine people on both sides. If your group sacrifices cute golden lab puppies by the hour across from the White House, in celebration of Donald Trump, he will not condemn that group. How do we know? Because Trump refuses to condemn people who do much worse! He refuses to condemn racists! All because these are people who support him.

Trump did know enough today – evidently, a lot of time has been spent over the last 16 hours discussing the fck up with the “stand down and stand by” comment that Trump today went only with “stand down” and let law enforcement handle it. He did not reaffirm the “stand by” comment, only the “stand down” and let law enforcement handle it. Given the fact that Trump says he doesn’t know who he’s speaking to (Proud Boys), the change in message makes no sense, but this is Donald Trump we’re talking about.

A reporter asked Trump why white supremacists seem to love him so much and Trump dodged: