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Trump Nailed at Disastrous ABC Town Hall: Gets Drilled and Caught on Lie About Pre-Existing Conditions

Whoa, Donald Trump is having one hell of a hard time on ABC News’s Town Hall with George Stephanopoulos. Trump finally came out from underneath the Fox News umbrella where hosts walk him through interviews and boy, he didn’t do well. We’re sure he’ll run back to Hannity.

The highlight was when Stephanopoulos called Trump out for a direct lie about health care that lit the town hall, the television screen and Twitter. Trump began by talking about how preexisting conditions would be part of his “soon to be here(!)” plan – the same one he promised two months ago – and then said that Democrats would not protect preexisting conditions, and it was at that point Stephanopoulos stepped in because Trump just lied his ass off.

Mr. President, I have to stop you there.

Stephanopoulos said that Biden is against Medicare for All, but is for expanding the ACA, and then George dropped the hammer, right on top of Trump’s tall pointed head:

But much more importantly, Obamacare guaranteed that people with preexisting conditions could buy insurance. You fought to repeal Obamacare. You are arguing before the Supreme Court right now to strike it down.

Chastened by Stephanopoulos, Trump said that his plan is “all ready” and that “It’s a much better plan.”

Exasperated, Stephanopoulos asked “What is it?” And got no answer. We can only hope that this country has Trump figured out by now because “protecting pre-existing conditions” (which they’re fighting) is not a “healthcare plan.”


Were that Trump’s only problem. (And why does he always sit like he’s on the can? Did he not have a mother?)

We cannot have a national mask mandate because of restaurant waiters:

Trump addressed COVID and was trying to talk about herd immunity. We aren’t sure whether Trump is now advocating herd immunity as our national COVID plan – it’s possible, but this is also the guy who promises a vaccine within the next six weeks (won’t happen, at least not distributed) and so why would he talk herd immunity? But he never said anything about herd immunity, instead, he talked herd mentality. But Biden is the one with dementia, huh?

He struggled mightily on some of the easiest questions:

He got his ass handed to him by a woman who should have her own morning show:

And Trump blamed Biden and the Democrats for advocating a national mask mandate and never following through with it and doing a national mask mandate. Democrats said at the convention they were going to do it and STILL don’t have a national mask mandate, says Donald. Who is the one with dementia? HOW IS THIS MAN PRESIDENT?

This is what happens when one walks out from Fox News and Hannity:

They won’t make this mistake again, and we cannot wait for the debates!


Peace, y’all
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