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Trump Retweets Horrific ‘Pedo’ Accusation at Biden and Sends Americans into a Rage

As Jake Tapper Tweeted this morning:

The president RTed a tweet falsely accusing Biden of a vile and disgusting crime. We’re 49 days away from the election; i think it’s fair to say it’s only going to get uglier.


This is now considered “normal” on the Right. It is “normal” to call Biden a pedophile among the MAGA set. It is normal for the MAGAs and Trump to call Biden “senile” and ridden with “dementia.” Indeed, Trump has said as much himself in challenging Biden to a cognitive exam (one he “aced”), and just yesterday U.S. Congressman Jim Jordan tweeted out that if Biden could “find” a polling place and vote, then the rest of America could do so also. All this has been normalized by the GOP.

Now this morning, the President of the United States retweeted a disgusting accusation that has no basis in fact. We cannot repeat this enough, there’s never been a credible allegation against Biden. Meanwhile, there have been many allegations – some credible – that Trump committed many sexual assaults. Indeed, Trump is currently being sued for libel for denying he raped E. Jean Carroll.

So Trump retweeted this:

What does that even mean? Should Biden have his hands on that woman? We don’t know, probably not, then again – maybe they were very close friends and believed he was being paternal. We don’t know. But fck we know that’s not “pedo” shit!

The matter threw many Americans into a rage, this is not “okay” and not to be normalized.

Yes, it will get worse and yes, there will be “show trials” (or at least charges) of some – probably not Biden. It will get worse, classic fascism.

It IS true that the MAGAs love this precisely because they see it as “owning” the liberals. It doesn’t matter if it’s not true.


Peace, y’all
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