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Trump Says Holding Dangerous Indoor Rally ‘Wasn’t Our Fault!’ and Blames Nevada’s Governor

As we have reported and opined before, Trump spends far more time worrying about “fault” than the usual adult. Answering questions as to who is at fault can consume him. He likes to say that COVID is “China’s fault, it should never have happened” as if that makes one shit’s worth of difference right now. Remember when he didn’t want to let the cruise ship anchor in San Francisco? “I didn’t want the numbers to go up, the numbers would go up and it’s not our fault.” This is philosophy straight out of elementary school playgrounds.

Trump’s decision to hold an indoor rally in Nevada, and a pseudo-rally “roundtable” in Arizona (a LOT of people, a mini-rally), are becoming key topics in the campaign. The reckless decision to hold these rallies says a lot about whether the man can be trusted with any responsibility, never mind the presidency. We will likely soon hear about COVID cases transmitted during these rallies just like we heard about Hermain Cain and the Tulsa bump. Thus, Trump starts his morning today trying to make the whole thing someone else’s “fault.”

It is NOT someone else’s “fault.” Trump wants people to believe that he was somehow obligated to have a set amount of rallies but Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak forced him indoors. This, of course, is insane.

No, he is very much aware of the fact that we’re in the midst of a pandemic and that’s why he’s already setting-up his defense: “We wanted to hold them outdoors but the mean governor shut us down!” It is the same Trump defense he’s used with COVID from the beginning, Democratic governors are responsible for all the bad stuff, anything good is because of Trump.

Americans are offended by the attempt to weasel out of responsibility:


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