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Trump Says If He Loses to Biden We Will Never See Him Again, Joe Biden’s Response is Perfect

Remember when you raised a 3-4 year old? Do you recall that when they got mad or felt very threatened, they would hold their breath, just to try to scare you? Do you recall when you had a tween and they were very depressed and very angry, some of them would blithely say something about maybe it wasn’t worth it and they’d hurt themselves? (it is always worth taking seriously, just not realistic usually). Do you recall having a high school student who would say they will “run away” for maybe 2-3 days?

Yes, of course, because that is what people who lack maturity do to get attention, express their anger, and also ask for help. Each tactic is a way to make their demand with the threat of hurting you by hurting themselves. It is the ultimate in juvenile passive-aggressiveness. (We do recognize that some of these cries for help can be extremely serious and need fast attention. That is not our point here).

Trump is still a child. Thus, Trump is using children’s tricks in an attempt to manipulate the adults out there, the voters that control his fate. He made a promise in North Carolina on Saturday night. The man who has done all he could do since the early 80s to be “famous” and in the public eye, says he’ll punish his MAGAs by leaving them in the cold.

“If I lose to him, I don’t know what I’m going to do. I will never speak to you again, you’ll never see me.”

Dad! If you do not let me go to the lake with my friends you will never see me again! I will never speak to you! Everyone is going and I’d be humiliated! I might as well just run away!

Tell us how what Trump said is any different? Also, notice the breathtaking conceit. His presumption is that they need him to live. “I will never speak to you again.” Implied in the statement is “You know you need me!”

Jimmy Carter continued to work on peace plans as a mediator post-presidency, and is now still building houses for the homeless. Ronald Reagan had health issues and thus it’s not fair to count him post-presidency. George H.W. Bush lost the presidency and was involved in many charitable causes and teamed up with Bill Clinton to help rescue New Orleans along with several other projects. Clinton started the Clinton Foundation, one of the richest and best-run non-profits in the world. George W. Bush paints vets and makes all the right statements. Obama is Obama. Meanwhile, the losers in all those elections had productive post-loss careers.

Trump will take his toys and go home because Trump never believed in working for anything beyond himself. He knows the cult needs him and thus their punishment will be that they can’t see him. (Even though he’s lying, unless he’s planning on absconding to Russia – a real possibility, except we can’t see a situation where Russia would provide him shelter. He can’t do them any good and giving him sanctuary might get Russia into a war.)

Anyway, Trump says he’s ready to take it out on the voters.

Joe Biden saw a deal and wanted to accept:

Peace, y’all
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