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Trump Simply Cannot Help Himself: Launches Gross Attack on Cindy McCain After She Endorsed Joe Biden

You would think that Donald Trump would be able to let something go once in a while, almost as an oversight if nothing else. For once, we would like to hear that someone supported Biden or criticized Trump and not have to read the inevitable tweet about how Trump can’t stand that person, that he or she is worthless and awful. It is cringeworthy to see an adult with that little self-esteem, an adult that shallow, advertise to the world that he can divide up the good and bad so easily. Support me? Good! Don’t support me? Terrible person, never liked them, sucker, loser, never did anything!

Speaking of which, yesterday Cindy McCain came out in support of Joe Biden because of course, she did. Very few Americans have such personal reasons to loathe Donald Trump and such personal reasons to support Joe Biden, as Cindy McCain. Trump hated John McCain because McCain was everything Trump was not. They were both born of privilege, McCain the son of an admiral, and from that similar background, their paths diverged. McCain fought for his country, got shot down, was tortured, and refused to be released ahead of the other prisoners. McCain then came back to the U.S. and build a political career on his independence and willingness to reach across the aisle.

Trump schemed, lied, conned, dodged service, and essentially did everything he could get away with to grab every dollar.

So no one is shocked that Trump simply couldn’t let it go when Cindy McCain came out and endorsed John McCain’s good friend Joe Biden:

If “Cindy can have ‘Sleepy Joe'” then why even tweet about it, jackass? Why not just let it go?

Just like Trump can’t keep his mouth shut, Americans couldn’t help but respond to such a cheap shot reaction:


Peace, y’all
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