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Trump Storms Off From Press Conference After Going on Unhinged Rant About Mail-In Voting

As is becoming normal, Donald Trump began his Friday afternoon press conference sounding drugged. He just rolled out the same statements, “working so hard,” “vaccine delivered immediately,” “distribution within 24 hours,” all of this is fantasy world thinking. He also found an opening to slam Biden in the first two minutes. He said Biden was “anti-vaccine.”

He promised one-hundred million doses by the end of the year, “frankly much more than that.” This is the con. Everything he says is always the best, even better than you know. He then stumbled all over himself and MSNBC cut away to fact-check immediately, saying Biden is not anti-vaccine and pointed out that the scientists disagree entirely. MSNBC tossed the entire thing at that point.

Fox wouldn’t dare cutaway and Trump mumbled on.

Trump insulted the Puerto Rican people, saying his administration had done more than any president for Puerto Rico. Three years after the storm, Trump promised money to restore the grid.

He was barely awake, whispering at that point.

“No one’s even close” as to something about Puerto Rico. Don the con is always out front, no one even close, best anyone’s ever seen. This is about winning Florida. Trump wants Hispanics in Florida and Puerto Ricans across the country. This is why his promises are three years too late and it is just a “promise.” Trump blamed Democrats.

Low energy man then went toward questions while also mumbling that they’re so far ahead on vaccines, it would have been years in any other administration. This is, obviously, insane.

On vaccines:

Trump punted on the vaccine and had Dr. Atlas promise 100 million doses at the latest in January. Do keep in mind that this vaccine has not yet even passed its trials. As of right now, there is no guaranteed vaccine. Dr. Fauci said the more realistic timeline is next summer.

Trump simply couldn’t get the words out, he sounded drunk – again. We heard the same complaints about last night. Trump quickly moved to the OAN slop kiss question. And slurred it out.

It is simply unbelievable that Trump claimed that he personally “kept the oil.” He sounded like a guy on a balcony with a cigar and military uniform. “All of your women belong to me.”

Trump got challenged with a great question. He was asked how it was that he kept disagreeing with his own experts in disagreeing with the CDC director and the FBI director. Trump mumbled through an incoherent answer that involved something about “if the plague from China didn’t come in, it would be the best numbers of any country ever at any time.” Has anyone noticed a pattern with Trump? “It’s an incredible thing,” “a level no one’s ever seen,” “best numbers,” “never close to that,” “next year will have a great year.” One can just hear him trying to sell a building.

He ripped the Postal Service for “losing a lot of money.” It is not a business, it is a service. Trump became Postmaster General suggesting that they raise rates to “make money.” This is not the way it works. But Trump is about making money. He then said that the problem with mail voting wasn’t the Post Office, it was the people sending the ballots. There is tremendous corruption, he said.

In a truly awful statement, Trump then talked about his many judges out there that have many important decisions coming down on this “scam” of unsolicited ballots. He then said “everyone in this room knows it is scam.” It was a ridiculous statement and insulting. He also gave the game away, saying he was counting on the judges. Bet that he sues every purple state in which he loses, claiming a “scam.”

He lied and it picked up his energy. He is starting to worry about losing the election. “Everyone knows it’s a disaster.” Trump never sounded more dictatorial.

One wants to cry upon hearing this. He is setting up his claim to reject the election. Why have an election? Trump is saying beforehand it will be the scam of all time? Why even hold the election? This is his goal, to eliminate the confidence in the election. Trump does not want an election. He simply wants to be appointed president again and he’s near ready to do it himself.

He then ended the press conference and stormed off.

It was truly awful.

It was an awful press conference.


Peace, y’all
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