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Trump Supporters are Furious the Trump Women Wore the Required Masks (Albeit Briefly) at the Debate

As we said in an earlier report, we will never be able to figure out the enigma that is the MAGA movement and masks. It is almost as though they reflexively oppose anything that is A) based on science and B) helps out fellow human beings, including themselves.

We already reported today that despite Case Western Reserve University rules regarding masks at the debate, the Trump family refused to wear them [1], and indeed pictures captured the women sitting at the debate in all their unmasked glory. (Older pictures exist of one of them wearing much less, so perhaps Melania’s simply not used to covering up, but we’ll leave that aside for now).

Meanwhile, earlier in the evening Lara posted a picture to her Instagram account that has four of the Trump women in masks, and the photo appears to have been taken before the debate began and they were seated. (Homewrecker Kimberly Guilfoyle was also in the picture but we’re not counting her because she’s not contractually a Trump, yet).

Up with the masks, the MAGAs would not put!

According to Newsweek [2]:

“Mask off,” wrote Tito Ortiz, a California resident and vocal Trump supporter currently campaigning for a seat on Huntington Beach’s city council, in the Instagram post’s comments section.

“Please take the masks off!” another Instagram user commented. “You have an immune system!”

(“You have an immune system” is a particularly heartless rationale. There are tragically 207,000 dead Americans that also had immune systems.)

“U guys are flawless, but stop with the masks,” a third person added.

(No one is “flawless” and we’re not talking about how anyone looks).

“Hate to see all these masks,” a fourth user wrote, while a fifth said: “Would have been such a powerful picture had it not been for the masks! Our new slave muzzles. Guess you have to make it look good for the people for [sic] submit. #unmaskamerica.”

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American politics is difficult to explain in the best of times. These are clearly the worst of times and the anti-mask thing remains one of the most perplexing aspects of 2020. Do these people oppose surgeons wearing masks if they need operations? “You have an immune system!” What about washing hands after using the restroom?

All we can guess is that yes, there is a natural conservative aversion to scientific fact and undertaking even the most modest acts to help protect oneself and the people around them. We suppose it should also be noted that evolution is a scientific fact whether one believes in it or not, and that’s not said with any humor.


Peace, y’all
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