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Trump Tweets Out One of His Stupidest Tweets of All Time and Twitter Has a Field Day

Ummm, we now certainly understand how it was that Trump became obsessed with ratings. Many knew that there was fairly big money in television shows, especially popular network shows with … high ratings. But the New York Times report stating that Trump made over $400 million due to The Apprentice really did shock many of us (It also highlighted just how bad economic inequality is getting in the United States when a fairly mediocre television show can make a guy close to a half-billion dollars.)

But as much as Trump is about “ratings” for money, he’s just as much about “ratings” for attention. Indeed, there may not be that big a difference in his mind. One cannot conceive of money mattering much to him without attention, nor attention mattering to him without money.

But apparently, Trump hasn’t quite figured out that ratings for presidential debates don’t equate to money to him, nor necessarily to the type of attention that he craves. Debates don’t even have commercials! So why would the networks “miss him”?

And, generally when one is acting like the world’s biggest asshole, one wants the fewest people watching possible. And yet Trump couldn’t possibly be more thrilled about the “ratings” for the presidential debate.

Of all the ridiculous tweets we have seen over the years, this might honestly take the cake as the dumbest because it is just so … irrelevant, self-obsessed, arrogant, so typically “on-brand,” to the point that one wonders how this could possibly even matter:

I mean seriously.

Does he realize that it is far more likely than not that so many people tuned-in because they hate him so badly that they certainly wanted to be able to say that they saw Trump go down in a whimper live? Does he realize that the only way to have the “highest ratings of all time” for a presidential debate is for people to have such strong feelings about it that they have to watch? And given that he’s been losing in the polls, most of those people cannot stand him?

Evidently not. Americans wanted to share their thoughts:


Peace, y’all
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