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Trump’s Twitter Feed Smells Strongly Like Desperation Today After Humiliating Debate Performance

We seriously doubt that Trump knows or believes that he did poorly last night. He might have heard some “helpful criticism” from his campaign team afterward, things like, “Maybe it’s best you stop screaming at the damn moderator for two minutes!” but they’d have to temper that with “But you certainly won, sir, definitely. You certainly “won,” you just looked stupid while winning.”

Or something to that effect.

So Trump’s not necessarily panicking over the debate last night, so much as he’s panicking because he knows that despite the fact he “thinks” he won, he certainly didn’t deliver some knockout punch that will move the needle that shows him well behind Biden in just about every state that matters. Additionally, the Trump campaign spent the last three months attempting to convince the nation that Joe was some senile demented man who can’t find the bathroom and even Trump seems to know that the tactic went down in flames last night.

He has reasons to feel desperate and one can feel it oozing from his Twitter feed.

How pathetic is this:

Um, that article was about you being such an asshole that Chris Wallace had an impossible job. But nice try, Biff. Indeed, to the extent that you “lost big” it likely has as much to do with the fact that Americans don’t like a bully going after a guy just doing his job as it does anything involving Joe Biden.

No. Joe said that he – Joe – won, and will be setting the agenda. Call Bernie and ask Bernie if he feels disrespected. Divide and conquer won’t work when it comes to you being on the other side.

The vast majority of Americans know that Trump has already done plenty of damage to the courts and the last thing they worry about is Biden “ruining the court.” The Second Amendment is part of the constitution, it can’t be ruined without an amendment. Idiot.

You refused to use the term “Racism is bad!”

The only good thing about Trump making such a mockery of the ballot process and railing against mail-in voting is that voters are very much “on notice” as to what Trump is trying to do and will be ready for it. He will put something like this out every day.

He is losing Minnesota, by a lot.

Whenever Trump is talking COVID, he’s losing. Trump has lost the American people’s trust with COVID because 210,000 dead is far too many. Additionally, people are tired of always hearing that it’s someone else’s fault. China does have some fault here, but it is not JUST China’s fault and the Trump administration made things infinitely worse – ask the world – and so when he’s talking COVID, he’s losing.

Biden doesn’t say crazy shit and isn’t an asshole. Try it sometime.

But Trump is sane.

He is slipping. This is desperation and we still have over a month to go.

And take a look at this. Our tax dollars went to pay for this video of Trump leaving for his rally in Minnesota. Note the superhero-movie music. I’m guessing this was made to make Trump feel good.


Peace, y’all
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