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Watch Trump Supporter Get Owned When CNN Proves He Got Fooled By Doctored Video Of Joe Biden

One supporter of President Donald Trump was so sure that a doctored video of Joe Biden was authentic that he became completely, hilariously befuddled when CNN’s Donnie O’Sullivan showed him it was fabricated, Raw Story reports.

As O’Sullivan questioned him, the Trump supporter claimed he’d seen a video Biden snoozing in the middle of a televised interview. Then O’Sullivan showed him what really happened: The video had obviously been doctored, spliced with footage of Biden briefly closing his eyes during a TV interview. That footage replaced footage, which showed an earlier guest who had indeed, fallen asleep.

That left the enthusiastic Trump supporter in splutter mode when he realized he’d been hoodwinked.

“Well, I mean,” he said and then briefly paused, “I definitely wouldn’t doubt that it would happen.”

Then he admitted he “missed” the fact that this video was faked, but hey, he got a “good laugh out of it.” You can see for yourself in the video at the end of this story.

Trump continually maligns Biden, calling him “sleepy Joe,” and claims he’s using performance-enhancing drugs to appear more alert. His campaign team plays other sneaky tricks, using photoshop to make Biden appear older than he really is and it’s a testament to the fact that this president is running scared.

National polls are still showing Biden with a healthy lead over Trump, including in crucial battleground states, including Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin — three states that Trump won by a narrow margin in 2016, the BBC News reports. Of course, as we found out in 2016, polls can vary widely, and while Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, the Electoral College turned out to be her downfall.

But Trump supporters are a special breed. Facts are lost on them. Many would rather believe ludicrous conspiracy theories for which there is no credible evidence, and people like the Trump supporter above will be at their polling places come Election Day.

Will you?

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