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White House Says There Isn’t ‘Anything to Clarify’ When Asked About Trump’s Proud Boy Comments

For anyone unfamiliar, the “Proud Boys” group is a neo-fascist hate group, perhaps less focused in their hatred on race than just all things “leftists,” though they’re plenty damned racist, too. They are violent extremists of the type that always seems to be hoping to be called upon for a fight.

Unlike the “ANTIFA’ types that Trump is forever talking about, the Proud Boys are an organized group, indeed they have organized leaders, many of whom were on Parlor last night responding to Trump’s urge to be ready: Link [1]

 “Other Proud Boys leaders posted on Parler and Telegram, another social network popular with far-right figures banned, that they would follow Trump’s request to “stand down and stand by. ‘I will stand down sir!!!’ Proud Boys national chairman Enrique Tarrio wrote on Parler. ‘Standing by sir. So Proud of my guys right now.’”

In a debate that can only be characterized as a complete clusterfck (caused by Donald Trump and Donald Trump only), Trump’s call to the “Proud Boys” stood out as the most dangerous element.

Today Fox News host Sandra Smith went straight at White House spokeswoman Alyssa Farah about what on god’s earth Trump meant by his statement and would Farah like the opportunity to walk any of the insanity back. Farah engaged in the typical gaslighting that would make Lewis Caroll proud, where “down is up and up is down.” Transcript from Rawstory [2]:

“I don’t think there’s anything to clarify,” Farah replied. “He’s told them to stand back. This president has surged federal resources when violent crime surges in cities. He’s leading — he doesn’t need any sort of vigilantism!

But that is not at all how the actual Proud Boys took the message and Farah knows it. Most in the public believe Trump purposefully attempted to egg on the intimidation with the “standby” comment. They perceived this as a “call to arms.”

Indeed, a story in the Daily Beast has more quotes [3] from Proud Boys members proving that they took the message as intended:

In an interview with The Daily Beast, Tarrio predicted that ‘stand back, stand by,’ would become a Proud Boys slogan. Earlier Proud Boys mottos have included ‘The West Is the Best’ and ‘Fuck Around and Find Out,’ a warning to the group’s perceived enemies,” said the report. “‘I think this ‘stand back, stand by” thing will be another Proud Boy saying,’ Tarrio said.

Watch the White House spokesperson act as if this entire matter is wholly innocent:

So dangerous.


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