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Americans Disgusted After Trump Admits His Pride Won’t Let Him Help Americans in Blue States


This morning on Fox Business Channel, Donald Trump spoke with Stuart Varney and he admitted that his pride wouldn’t allow him to make a stimulus deal with the Democrats. Nice, huh?

Speaking to Varney, Trump said that he is willing to go higher than his current $1.8 trillion offer for the next coronavirus stimulus package as the White House continues negotiations with Democrats.

“Absolutely, I would. I would pay more. I would go higher. Go big or go home, I said it yesterday. Go big or go home,” Trump said during the phone interview this morning, despite the likelihood of a larger offer encountering pushback from congressional Republicans.

Trump, who did not specify a dollar amount, said that he had directed Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin to offer a larger figure to Speaker Nancy Pelosi before taking an extraordinary swipe at a member of his own Cabinet by complaining that Mnuchin “hasn’t come home with the bacon.”

Trump also said that he was not willing to agree to Pelosi’s own $2.2 trillion offer, claiming as he has repeatedly that the top Democrat is seeking to “bail out” cities and states run by Democrats that are cash-strapped for reasons unrelated to the coronavirus pandemic.

“She is asking for all sorts of goodies. She wants to bail out badly run Democrat states and cities. She wants money for things that you would never, you just couldn’t, just your pride couldn’t let it happen,” Trump told Varney.


His pride just couldn’t let it happen.

People are suffering. People in blue states are suffering, and people in red states are suffering. But Trump’s pride just won’t allow Pelosi to win.

These are Americans that Trump is dismissing. And more so, he has supporters that live in blue states! California has many Trump supporters.

People on Twitter were sickened:


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