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Americans Going Crazy Over Worrisome Trump Photo from Last Night, ‘Is That Band-Aid for an IV?’

It is hard to believe that we’re in a position where we need the nation to understand that a 74-year-old man is still very sick with a serious virus and it is obvious, no matter how hard he tries to hide it. There are ways to hide it. It is also important to note that no one would need to be looking closely at signs as to his health if we had any trust in the people that put out the news on his health.

As I tweeted this morning, it is critical that Trump appeared physically perfect on his way out of the hospital – like Superman – over this virus. Because he’s not a politician, he is the leader of a movement that is far more akin to a cult, as readers here know well. Leaders of cults cannot appear questionable or be questioned in any way, not physically, not mentally, not logically. They must appear all-knowing and all-seeing. Cults are impossible to break through, until the moment they are not, and then they never ever come back. Once the magic is broken, the leader becomes human, just like everyone else. It is a devastating moment when it happens and family that lose a family member to a cult (“lose” meaning lose their relationship, hopefully) only hope that the moment comes before irreversible loss comes.

The cultish thing is just one reason why it is SO critical for Trump to look as perfect as possible, which is exceedingly difficult nowadays and there is a picture on the net that belies how Trump is feeling. There is a band-aid on the back of a hand that – yes, could still be from the hospital where older people on anti-coagulants (as he likely is) bruise more easily but … the hospital was quite a while ago, and a band-aid cover just the bleeding at the time, not the bruising. But moreover, look at the color difference between the man’s hand, and his face, and try to imagine with the color of his hand in his face giving that speech:

The net had a bit of a debate and some thoughts. But first this thought. Trump would not be the first president to “demand” shots of a cocktail of whatever it might take to get him through a night like last night. We obviously don’t know and don’t pretend to know. We know that the man’s personality is of the type where if he needed an “extra kick” that mixed something energetic with something “warm, energetic, loving, and pain-killing” – he wouldn’t be the first president. We aren’t making the accusation. We’re saying we don’t know what is going on, just little of this makes any sense. Last night he threw his tie into the crowd …


Peace, y’all
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