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Americans Rolling in Laughter After Trump Struggles to Drink Water During Disastrous 60 Minutes Interview

Normally, the single last thing we would do is mock someone demonstrating some issue as they age. Indeed, we have chastised other liberal websites for making fun of Trump possibly having incontinence issues – even though he’d be the first to give someone else shit about it – but we just aren’t comfortable doing it. We all get older (ideally) and we’re all going to experience different issues that we damned well don’t want people making fun of. We were all 20 years old once and looking good, looking to get some “action” with whomever.

At some point, many of us lose that ability. Unless one’s willing to pay a lot – and Trump seems one of those people.

So we are not pointing out something about Trump that is “funny.” We are pointing out something that is consistent and is NOT a normal part of aging. Indeed, we have read that it is part of a problem with the right side like he wants to drink one-handed, with the right side, but also damn well wants that hand steadied, just in case it jerks and he spills water all over himself.

Know what? If he was honest with the American people and published some of his medical history, and that history had impulsive stuff with his right side but did not impact his cognitive ability, it wouldn’t be worth commenting upon even if he spilled the entire glass of water on his suit. But here we go again, from yesterday’s interview:

Now that’s not a slight little barely able to notice, that’s worse than before. That’s one that is impossible to ignore and it’s a wonder Stahl didn’t stop the interview there to ask him about why he has such trouble drinking water. Of course, she was in hot water already.

Americans had some comments:

There is that, too.

We have speculated upon the same thing.

Twitter couldn’t get enough:


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