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Americans Shocked the ‘First Lady’ Would Tweet Out ‘Mean Girl’ Blog Post About Her Ex-BFF

As we reported earlier today, Melania Trump – the single most entitled Trump, and we’re forced to include both Donald and Ivanka in that conclusion, decided to go full-on “Mean Girl” with her former friend.  Melania took to the White House “blog” (which is a thing) to mark off a few “to do” things off her list. She blasted her former best friend Stephanie Winston Wolkoff, whom Melania also accused of a very serious felony in what looked like a very convenient case of scapegoating – which will ruin a friendship.

Melania didn’t have much good to say about a woman whom “she barely knew” (despite the dozens and dozens of texts in the book, and the taped phone calls).

But Melania saved her real lecture for … the MEDIA! She is a Trump after all! And who else could possibly be the villain in this scenario other than the media. Because, really, who wants to know that you refused to move into the White House until you were assured you wouldn’t have to sit your white ass on the same toilet on which Michelle sat, those things are silly media stuff that reveal nothing of real importance, right, Mel?

So the country was just fascinated that the woman who famously doesn’t care, suddenly cares – a lot, about the coverage she’s getting and is willing to lecture people about it!

Oh, we so wish it was not, because then the rest of the world wouldn’t see it and we wouldn’t have to feel such collective embarrassment.

Those were some of the milder ones.


Peace, y’all
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