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Don Jr. Freaks Out After Biden Calls Trump Supporters ‘Chumps’ for Interrupting Event, ‘Same as Hillary!’

Yet again we have to note that by the law of averages, one of the “three” [real] Trump kids (he doesn’t act like the others are his, so we put them in a separate category), one of the three by average had to be somewhat bright, right? As we have heard over and over, Trump’s uncle was a professor at MIT, hiding out somewhere in the Trump genome is something that hovers above the 100 IQ level. And yet no, we see no evidence, none.

We are not being sexist is saying Ivanka is dumber than her hair. Eric, sweet baby Jesus, we don’t have time. Don Junior – the one that SNL insists must be the “smart one” (more correctly said “less dumb one”), only looks smart in comparison to his brother and sister. Take him out of that environment and he looks like the guy that spends tens of thousands of dollars (enough to put 2-3 kids through good community college) on a foreign hunting trip so some guide can put him right in front of some magnificent animal and shoot it so that he gets a cool picture and shows how manly he must be.

Junior cannot figure out that there are people trying to interrupt Joe Biden’s speech. In his speech, Biden is saying that he will take pride in being president of all Americans, even the “chumps with the microphones” trying to interrupt his speech. That is quite a bit different than calling one-quarter of Trump’s voters “deplorable.” No matter how true, it’s idiotic to ever call anyone’s voters, stupid – it does no good. I winced when Hillary said it and still wince thinking about it. (Again, it couldn’t matter LESS that it’s TRUE, you NEVER put down voters!)

Joe Biden is NOT doing this in his statement here. It takes Don Junior to interpret it as such:

Not that it matters, but if someone cares about money – and, to some extent, everyone who doesn’t write for a living, does – and if one votes for Trump, then that person is a chump. Donald Trump works for Mitch McConnell and Vladimir Putin, if you think that either of those people wants your life to improve economically, you truly are a chump. I can say it because I’m not running.


Peace, y’all
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