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Don Jr. Goes Too Far and Slanders Hunter Biden, ‘He’s Linked to Human Trafficking and Prostitution Rings’

Donald Trump Jr. is having a moment here, folks. He’s feeling a bit sorry for himself because he thinks the news media is ignoring the Joe Biden/Hunter Biden laptop story because Joe Biden is a Democrat. Therefore, he’s recently said that if it was his laptop the FBI was investigating “it would be the biggest story in the world forever.”

So the right-wing site Newsmax (whose founder, Christopher Ruddy, is a close friend of Junior’s father) is trying to set that straight. Welp, right-wing media sites are covering the story — with the New York Post out there in first place, it seems. Op-ed columnist Miranda Devine, claimed in late September that Americans voted for Trump because he is “a pitbull, a gunslinger they hired to fight the dirty left, drain the swamp, bring back their jobs from China, and stand up for the flag, family, and common sense.”

But in an October 18 column, she noted “the Post has been transparent about the provenance of the material we have published. We stand by our reporting and the authenticity of the material.”

Perhaps I’m going to come in for some criticism because I think Devine is likely sincere, but Media Bias/Fact Check, which gave the Post a “mixed” rating also noted:

“Overall we rate the New York Post on the far end of Right-Center biased due to story selection that typically favors the Right and Mixed (borderline questionable) for factual reporting based on several failed fact checks.”

So there’s that. Which brings me back to Junior’s complaining. In a bizarre rant on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, he claimed “it would never go away. I mean, money tied to human trafficking and prostitution rings is another big one … Joe Biden is compromised 100 percent.”

At about that point, Trump seemed to suggest China was bribing Hunter Biden, claiming it wouldn’t have given Hunter Biden “his record” 1.5 billion for investing “because he’s a great investor.”

“No, they were buying access,” Trump Jr. said. “They were buying them off. They’re totally compromised. And what’s disgusting is the media that ran with the Russia, Russia nonsense for four years even after it was disproven, continued to run it hoping and dreaming that the Trump family did a fraction, a fraction what the Bidens were doing and is now verified.”

He noted this is “disgusting” and the interview really went sideways after that, claiming that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats impeached his father because he was correct about Joe Biden’s corruption “100 percent.”

“No one’s even talking about it,” Trump Jr. said. “They don’t want this story out. They’ll do whatever they can to protect the corrupted Biden so they can basically get Kamala Harris in there. It’s about putting Kamala Harris, Bernie [Sanders]’s platform, the radical left into the White House so they can change the face of America forever.”

He says that like it’s a bad thing. Biden is not a radical leftist. As I’ve said before, he’s a centrist and many Democrats have knee-capped Sanders rather than supporting anything he does. Junior’s conjecturing here is as ridiculous as it is bizarre.

CNN has a good analysis of the so-called Hunter Biden laptop story, which is basically little more than that — a story.

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