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Heckler Interrupts Melania’s Speech to Say That Donald Trump is ‘Handsome’ and Social Media Disagrees

We reported in mid-August that Trump’s staff was extremely frustrated with Melania. Apparently, they believe that Melania makes Trump seem more human … we aren’t so convinced. Bringing another stiff doesn’t necessarily make someone appear more human. Moreover, being a third wife, former model, doesn’t necessarily shout “soulmate.” But regardless, the campaign wanted her out on the road with Trump. She said “nyet.”

She would happily stand in front of the cameras at the RNC national convention and speak her mind – mostly her own words, this time – because that’s star power. Appearing in Allentown Pennsylvania doesn’t exactly say 5th Avenue in mid-town.

We do not have video from her speech (it will be added when we get it) but here is what we know, this picture was taken earlier today and she doesn’t look well. That is not a sexist comment, we mean healthy well. She had COVID, of course she might not look well! Many people take 3-4 weeks to come back to normal, a lot have headaches, body aches, depression (which is NOT something to be tossed aside) and other issues. What if she is still quite sick and being asked to do this to help “save the campaign?”

Just because he got jacked up with steroids (and god only knows what else) and they appeared to work, does NOT mean that her treatment (which was every bit as elite) was as effective. We are actually feeling some sympathy for her. A first.

We CANNOT know for sure. We cannot emphasize this enough. We have no information on her health. She doesn’t look well.

We have SOME of her speech, a heckler interrupted to call out Trump as handsome! Now you would think that a heckler might yell out to call her beautiful (given the choice, she wins), but nope, she is stopped with someone saying Trump is handsome:

BUT, there is one bonus. We saw a real smile from Melania, meaning a REAL one. Not faked as in, I am miserable but can’t look it. She seemed genuinely amused. Maybe because she believed it so ridiculous as to be a good joke?

Twitter seemed to think so:



Peace, y’all
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