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If You Can Only Show ONE Ad to a MAGA-Head Make It THIS ONE: ‘Trump Is Compromised’

We just wrote a piece from Forbes magazine detailing the fact that Trump owes $900 million, due in what would be his next term as president. (Well, he owes it in the next four years one way or another, the question is will he be in office while he owes this $900 million). We also went over the myriad of ways a president can “payback” loans that don’t involve checks going to anyone. Certain policy decisions, especially international ones, can make $900 million look like a pittance. Theoretically, Trump could end up having people owe him money at the end of those four years.

This, of course, is why every president in three generations has published his taxes and put all assets in a blind trust so that whatever moves they make, could be in their interest, could be against their interest, they wouldn’t know.

Why should people care? Rich people make money, right? That’s what they do. Who cares, we elected him to be a businessman, to run the country like a business.

Here are some reasons to care:

One reason to care? Who do we suspect Trump owes the most? And what is that man’s stated goal? Putin seeks to divide and weaken the United States from within. What better way to “weaken” the United States than to weaken the economy? It didn’t happen the first time – because someone has gotta get reelected. Where’s the rule that it can’t happen the next time? We’re off to a great start. (Which makes one a little suspicious right there). There are ways to weaken an economy.

Another reason to care? Maybe you like hiking in that national monument that just got opened up for mining operations because someone needed some money badly.

Another reason to care? Maybe it’s your son, or grandson, flying that mission over Iran to bomb those facilities that Saudi needed to be bombed to erase all debt, only things didn’t quite go as planned and now there’s a real shooting war between the countries.

There are a lot of reasons to care. Or maybe one just cares about having a president who puts his own country AHEAD of his own financial interests. And THAT is why if you are only going to show one MAGA head one ad, this better be it:

We didn’t plan on writing the Forbes article just prior to seeing this ad – it just worked out that way. When problems become obvious, lots of people start thinking about them.


Peace, y’all
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