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In Fox Interview Trump Delivers His Most Terrifying Message Yet: He Might Not Concede if He Loses

We all know that Donald Trump has no plans of calling Joe Biden and congratulating him on election evening even if on that night alone, it appears that Biden has kicked his ass.

We all know that. He wouldn’t be Donald Trump if he acted any other way. Only HE wins – and he’ll do it next time, too – yes, he’ll claim a right to a third term, we guarantee if he wins.

Today, we hate to report, Donald Trump gave his most terrifying message yet as to “conceding” and what he’ll do after the election. He appeared on Fox Business with Stuard Varney, who cannot be considered a true Trumper and Varney certainly acted like he wanted the “correct” answer regarding conceding. He didn’t get it. He got the opposite.

During a phone interview, Varney simply asked under what circumstances would Trump concede. Trump refused to answer: “All I want is a fair election.” Varney naturally asked, “So it’s your judgment as to whether an election was fair?” To which Trump replied: ” (VIDEO BELOW)

“Stuart, they always talk about the friendly transition. They spied on my campaign and they got caught. They tried to overthrow the president of the United States and they got caught. And then they stand up so innocent and they say, ‘Will you, you know, do a fair transition?’ Well, they didn’t do a fair transition.”

The FBI spied on Russians. Trump’s own FBI and DOJ would be the ones to prosecute who did or did not “get caught.” Mueller declared that no one got “caught” except obstructing justice and no one prosecuted Trump. Moreover, none of that has fck all to do with anything this time, and – despite all this conspiracy talk, Hillary called Trump the night of the election, congratulated him, Obama had him over to the White House, and everyone showed up to watch him be sworn in. A peaceful transition of power.

They tried impeachment, for damned good reason. Impeachment is in the constitution. Had they won, Hillary would not have been president, Mike Pence would have been. That is not an overthrow, especially when the Defendant is in contact throughout with the jury foreman.

Varney said: “You’re implying if you don’t think it’s fair, you won’t leave the White House, which means you won’t concede.”

Trump: I’m not saying anything! I’m saying this. I think everybody says it. You have to have a fair election. Look at these ballots that are being — tens of thousands of ballots are already fraudulent. I want to be a fair election. That’s all I’m asking for is a fair election. But you know when they talk about a friendly transition, they spied on my campaign, (SO WHAT EVEN IF THEY DID, WHICH THEY DIDN’T!!!!)

No, they spied on Russians. You were not supposed to be talking to Russians. But had you talked to Canadians, they would never have known because they don’t spy on Canadians, they spy on Russians. It’s not their fault that when they heard RUSSIANS, they heard your people. Oh, and that has nothing to do with stepping down if you lose.

Varney asked: If it wasn’t a friendly transition when you walked into the White House, does that mean that you’re not going to allow a friendly transition if Joe Biden walks into the White House?

Trump: “No, it doesn’t mean anything. Except it means people broke the law, people spied on my campaign and they act so innocent. Like it never happened. ‘Oh, gee, we didn’t do that.’ But then they did it. And we have all the evidence. We have so much evidence.

“Nobody minded when they interfered with my election. So it’s a very interesting period of time. I think we’re doing really well. We’re doing well in states that I’m not even sure people know it.”


They never ONCE “interferred” with YOUR election. IF he wants to talk about something proven he could talk about it being proven that the Russians assisted him, Obama knew it, and said NOTHING.

He has determined that when all those mail-in ballots come in, he’ll declare it unfair, go to courts, go to congress, and simply not concede and it may take C.J. Roberts swearing Joe Biden in somewhere in the middle of the SCOTUS Building and every government employee still loyal to Trump will be committing a crime.

These are terrifying words. He is telling us ahead of time. He is campaigning because he knows it will be harder the bigger he loses. So Trump campaigns to hope it’s close and he doesn’t have to do much. But don’t for a second believe he will concede. Vote vote vote and make it hard on him.


Peace, y’all
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