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Kayleigh McEnany Claims Trump’s SCOTUS Pick is a Rhodes Scholar (She Isn’t), Her Response? ‘My Bad!’

These people lie when they do not even have to lie, either that or Kayleigh made a mistake that would get a small bank spokesperson in trouble.

There are many problems with SCOTUS nominee Amy Coney Barrett, namely that she’s so far to the right that even Anthony Scalia might look at her and say, “Um, come on, maybe not that far over the horizon …” There is also the fact that she’s all but purchased billboard signs stating that she’s voting out Roe v. Wade the moment someone gets her a vote. This despite the fact that Roe is supposed to be settled law, twice, both in Roe and Casey, or as Kavanaugh put it, precedent on top of precedent. (It won’t bother Kavanaugh, either). But there is one aspect of Barrett’s nomination that is not at issue, nor should it be. She is plenty smart for the job.

Not a single person is denying that she’s a brilliant scholar. The conclusions she reaches are bat shit insane, but she gets there through rigorous legal analysis and a brilliant mind. No doubt about it. She finished first in her class at Notre Dame Law School (No slouch of a school), graduating Summa Cum Laude, and went on to be a star professor before taking the bench for a year in the 7th Circuit.

So why did Kayleigh McEnany – who had to have had Barrett’s entire biography in front of her, attempt to tell the country that Barrett was a Rhodes Scholar?

Is it because Barrett was a Rhodes scholar, just not the Rachel Maddow type of Rhodes Scholar?


And now with the embarrassment that Kayleigh so richly deserves, we bring you video coverage of the moment that she’s caught red-handed:

Were it anyone but Kayleigh McEnany, we’d simply say it was a mistake that anyone could make, not a big deal, no malicious intent. But K-Mac routinely torches the media for covering news in a manner that Kayleigh believes inaccurately reflects Trump’s greatness and then proceeds to chew the media’s ass up and down as if they work for her. She then marches out of the room in a huff.

She soooo earned this.


Peace, y’all
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