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Kayleigh McEnany Sends Desperate Tweet Trying to Hurt Biden and Social Media Let’s Her Have It

One necessary element of every Republican presidential election (and increasingly close senate ones) is the “October surprise.” Democrats are more than happy to have an October surprise themselves, such as the Access Hollywood tape. The tape didn’t work, in part because the next night, at a debate, for the first time, Trump himself said he would put Hillary in jail. Additionally, the Russians-Assange released the Democratic emails and no Republican voter ever cared about the Access Hollywood tape again. This year, as all too appropriate, Trump created his own October surprise by not just giving himself COVID but seemingly over half his human staff (Stephen Miller seems immune).

But that wasn’t supposed to be their October surprise! Everyone knows that their October surprise was going to involve PROOF that Hunter made billions in Ukraine and China, Dad knew all about it and probably even arranged it! We all trust information that comes out of Rudy, Ron Johnson, and Fox News, right! Especially when it involved those exact same people from which Trump “needed a favor.” The CIA WARNED Trump that Giuliani was feeding Trump disinformation to be used in the campaign – that is a felony, by the way  – and Trump said, “Well, that’s just Rudy.”

Why is no one listening to their big breakthrough message!! They have Hunter and Joe trapped, dead to rights, through emails and relationships and who knew what. They got them nailed, this is it! It is October 17th today! There are pumpkins out on people’s porches! It’s time for the October surprise!

No one is listening, and Kayleigh’s tweets are starting to smell like teen spirit, or desperation, it’s hard to tell the difference.


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Oh, Kayleigh, please stop. You are embarrassing yourself.

We are not silly enough to think that over 48 years in Washington, each and every year was absolutely squeaky clean in every way. Although, if anyone was the type, at least when it comes to money, it was Joe.

Kayleigh, lean over and we’ll whisper a secret. This is a well-known story, and we love the smell of desperation in the morning.

When Beau Biden had cancer, Joe was talking to Barack Obama about taking care of the grandkids and what they could do. Joe said was no big deal, they could see the house that he and Jill owned free and clear. Obama near exploded at Joe. He said “You do NOT sell that house, promise me Joe, do NOT sell that house. I’ll give you the money!” (Obama was rich from the best selling books he wrote prior to being president, he also got about a million from the Nobel Peace Prize that Trump wants to win so badly, made $400,000 a year as president, and would make about $250,000 per speech after being president. Obama had the money).

If Joe and Hunter were making millions and billions off the Chinese, the Russians, the Iranians, Ukrainians, and Canadians, no one would’ve been talking about selling houses, okay – Kayleigh?

Put all the little red-top sirens you want on your tweets, no one is listening. It sounds better in the original Russian, Kayleigh. Oh, and if you want us to believe anything, start by arresting Rudy and Ron Johnson for espionage since they’re setting most of this stuff up. It isn’t an October surprise if it’s no surprise at all, Kayleigh.

Nah, Actually, it’s just because it doesn’t exist, isn’t sourced, and obviously planned – we heard the whole story last year, we knew it was coming. They knew what they wanted.


Peace, y’all
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